WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for Monday 10.08.2012 — What Does Vince McMahon Have Up His Sleeve after Worst TV Ratings of the Year Last Week?

This week is a very important episode of WWE Monday Night Raw for Vince McMahon both on camera and off screen. Mr. McMahon will be live on Raw tonight to presumably give his “State of the WWE” address while commenting on and personally affecting some of the active storylines currently taking place. One big rumor is that Mr. McMahon could relieve AJ Lee from her duties as the Raw General Manager, but everything is just pure speculation at this point. Also on tap for tonight’s Raw is an appearance from John Cena to further the next chapter in his feud with WWE Champion CM Punk, which should lead to their Hell In A Cell clash for the WWE Championship despite Punk’s repeated denials. The full Raw preview is below, and you can also check out what I think of the Vince McMahon / Ratings situation right here:

–Vince McMahon is coming to Raw. Is the perfect storm brewing against Raw GM AJ Lee or will the Chairman give her a vote of confidence? Also, who else might get in Mr. McMahon’s way as he addresses the state of the WWE?

–WWE Champion CM Punk has had an interesting couple of weeks. He’s repeatedly denied John Cena a rematch at Hell In A Cell, sparred with Mick Foley and Jim Ross on the microphone, controversially dispatched of World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus in their match on WWE Main Event, and has had to deal with Ryback getting in his way. The question is, “What DOES Ryback want from CM Punk?”

–Speaking of CM Punk, John Cena will be back on Raw tonight even though he is still recovering from elbow surgery. What will Cena have to say to Punk, and will Punk retaliate for being beaten up with a lead pipe two weeks ago?

–Now that Sheamus’ 26-match winning streak is over, will Big Show be even more confident going into Hell In A Cell, knowing that the Great White is now just a little bit more mortal?

–Last Week, United States Champion Antonio Cesaro “Neutralized” Brodus Clay in impressive fashion. Could Cesaro become the most dominant U.S. Champion we’ve ever seen?

–There are four tag teams left standing in the WWE Tag Team Titles Tournament: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara, the Prime Time Players, Team Rhodes Scholars and “Team Co-Bro” (Santino Marella and Zack Ryder). Which team will outlast them all and face Team Hell No at Hell In A Cell?

All this and more on Monday Night Raw … tonight!

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Source: WWE.com