Harrak’s Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 10.11.12

– Go home show for TNA’s biggest PPV of the year. What are they going to do tonight to make it interesting?

– Austin Aries versus James Storm?! I’m excited! Too bad it’s not for the PPV.

– Great rope sequence between Storm and Aries. This match could truly main event any PPV.

– It’s amazing how strong Austin Aries with that brainbuster. He’s gotten everyone up and snapped it down with force every time.

– Did Sting just have to take the mic from Hogan in order for the promo to make sense? Sting?

– Why do we need to see Hector Guerrero every single time Chavo Guerrero is on TV? Is it just to show that TNA has two Guerreros on their payroll?

– “Beast Mode”? Taz seemingly has given up on being original.

– Hernandez just beat a former Grand Slam Champion with a running shoulder block??? What the hell???

– RVD vs Zema Ion at Bound For Glory… I might need a bathroom break during that match. A long one.

– Wow who thought name dropping a Kardashian was a good idea?

– Ok Bully Ray is babyfacing it up a little too much right now for this NOT to be a swerve Sunday.

– Well I never thought I’d hear Sting call for the tables. Then again, I never thought I’d see Bully Ray as a main eventer either.

– The “West Coast” Joey Ryan? I’m pretty sure Arizona is landlocked.

– I’d hate to tell Magnus that millions of people don’t buy TNA’s pay-per views.

– Tessmacher continues to show improvement in the ring every week. But don’t they also have Madison Rayne and Mickie James still under contract as well?

– Impressive strength from Tessmacher delivering her finisher to Tara.

– The latest theory I’ve heard is that it won’t be Bully Ray turning on Sting to lead Aces & Eights but Sting will be revealed as the leader just a day after being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. Honestly, that situation has a very TNA-feel to it so it wouldn’t surprise me but I think it would bore me a lot faster than if Bully was heading up the faction.

– It’s amazing the parallels between this Austin Aries heel turn and the CM Punk heel turn. Both won World championships as babyfaces. Both set up to face the top babyfaces in the company and are completely overlooked. And both are the most entertaining parts of their respective shows.

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