Harrak’s Quick Quips: TNA Bound For Glory 2012

– So how many other people are feeling a Sting heel turn tonight?

– It’s really hard for me to sit here during RVD vs Zema Ion. That said, surprisingly good match so far.

– Um what ever happened to the X-Division’s weight limit? I had no idea this was a title match!

– I’m torn on this match. I love Magnus’ upside (he’s 25 freakin’ years old!) but the reinvention of Samoa Joe has been awesome.

– Damn and we thought Joe & Magnus had chemistry as a team! As opponents, this is fantastic!

– Excellent finishing sequence to the TV title match but damn these matches aren’t getting very much time.

– Storm versus Roode on third!? This should have been the main event for the belt, dammit!!!

– Anyone else think that King Mo looks like a cheesy Rampage Jackson ripoff?

– I might be sitting back & enjoying this match a little bit. This is MY main event.

– Never thought I’d say it but it’s weird seeing blood in a wrestling match. Both companies have done a good job of toning it down.

– Thought for sure we were going to get an outdated “ECW” chant after that crutch spot.

– Storm just bled in a fan’s beer & THEN gave it back to him! Loved the collective “Eww” from the crowd.

– Holy crap, James Storm is “Shawn Michaels-Hell In A Cell/Steve Austin-WrestleMania” bloody.

– Seriously, how are you going to top the emotion, the violence & storytelling you just saw in Roode vs Storm?

– I’m curious to see if Al Snow can keep up with Joey Ryan. It’s not going to be a classic, I know that.

– Ok the actual Twitter logo on a pair of wrestling tights is a whole new low.

– “Well Phoenix here is a horny crowd.” Really, Taz?

– Well I guess Matt Morgan is returning as a heel. Joey Ryan w/Morgan as a “bodyguard”? That could be interesting.

– Out of these three teams, which one doesn’t fit?

– Good God, Daniels & Kazarian have easily become the best tag team in the business today.

– How is Kazarian standing after that splat on the floor?!

– TNA continues their tradition of giving former WWE guys titles ASAP. And the crowd responds w/boos.

– I guess we just have to get used to Chavo riding Eddie’s name all the way to retirement.

– I think it’s safe to say this is the only time in wrestling history that the referee of the current match is also currently naked on HBO.

– What the hell is TNA’s obsession with reality TV? Just an awful reveal.

– I thought TNA were going to induct more than just Sting into their Hall Of Fame.

– Bully Ray in Sting facepaint is…… interesting.

– I’m guessing Gallows is one of the guys under a mask but I can’t place who the second one would be.

– The crowd is killing this match. They have no idea if they should really cheer for Bully Ray or not.

– Ok holy shit that was a nice reveal. I don’t think a single person was thinking it was Devon.

– I thought it was Aries vs Jeff Hardy, not Jushin Liger.

– It’s nice to see TNA out of the Impact Zone & how Jeff Hardy gets the John Cena treatment away from Orlando.

– Hardy has just completely switched into heel mode. It’s a good thing he’s not Cena, he wouldn’t be able to handle the hostile crowds.

– I made the comparison on this past week’s Impact report but I’m REALLY seeing the Punk/Cena dynamic in Aries/Hardy tonight.

– They might not be living up to Storm/Roode but damn are they laying it all out in the ring.

– I can’t see how Hardy DOESN’T leave with the title.

– I get the redemption. I get wanting him to resign. I get the merch sales. But I truly believe Hardy was wrong to win the BFG Series & was wrong to win the World title.

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