Harrak’s Quick Quips: WWE Raw 10.15.12

– I wonder why they’re changing Big Show’s WMD to the KO Punch. There really hasn’t been anything in the news that would warrant the change, I don’t believe.

– That was one of the strangest backstage setups I’ve seen in a few years.

– Aw Kane’s becoming protective of Daniel Bryan. I think I might have preferred Bryan getting knocked out and Kane laughing at him.

– It seems as if Paul Heyman is carrying the WWE title more than Punk lately.


– Brodus Clay vs Alberto Del Rio… I’m guessing there’s no mention of Clay being Del Rio’s bodyguard a few years ago.

– Clay’s been booked very weakly lately. Looks like the rumors were true of Vince being down on the character.

– I really couldn’t care less about this tag match, sorry. Neither of these teams are money.

– 3MB, the Three Man Band. Mahal looks like Sacha Baron Cohen in The Dictator. Drew McIntyre looks like what the Disney version of a rock star would be. And Heath Slater looks like… well a douche.

– David Otunga? Where the hell have you been?

– Not a surprising showcase for Ryback but it was nice to show how over he is again.

– I love how Paul Heyman’s character has become completely chicken shit after his alignment with Punk.

– Great showing from both Antonio Cesaro and Justin Gabriel. It’s baffling that they’re not doing more with Gabriel & Kidd.

– How convenient that Matt Striker had his gear with him. And nice try by JR to justify it.

– Why does MizTV have director chairs AND couches? And yet no one ever uses them.

– Wow is it going to be The Miz that actually makes Kofi Kingston legitimate? He almost had it with Randy Orton and now it seems like his promos have improved immensely.

– Rematch between Sheamus and Wade Barrett? I’m sold and glued to the TV.

– The “Sheamus For President” sign will not help the general public’s opinion of wrestling fans’ intelligence.

– I pitched this idea a couple of weeks ago but I assumed they would have Barrett doing something relevant by now. Why not make Wade Barrett a type of “bounty hunter”, an APA of 2012? It would put him in the spotlight in numerous different feuds and help feature him more often.

– Fantastic match between Sheamus and Barrett. The Barrett near falls are heart stopping.

– Dammit they need Sheamus vs Wade Barrett as their program through the fall. Their chemistry is phenomenal.

– Only Kevin Dunn logic would call for the camera highlighting the “Sheamus For President” sign.

– What competitive Divas are left in WWE? Eve, Layla, Kaitlyn and Alicia Fox. Is that it? Damn…

– Nothing like a time-killer tag match for a bathroom run.

– This is a nice tease for Main Event on Wednesday but I’m surprised they just rushed this onto the show.

– Oh my God, Miz just got crushed with that kick. Busted open & possible concession. Maybe we won’t be seeing an IC title match on Wednesday.

– I hate to say it but I think the yellow Punk shirt was a miss. And dear God I hope they don’t try to turn his merchandise rotation into one like Cena’s.

– Did John Cena’s endorsement just kill some of Ryback’s momentum?

– Anyone else find it funny that Ryback is getting a World title shot in Atlanta?

– I’m glad they went the Ryback route but I’m a little worried that the endorsement by John Cena will turn people’s opinions of him. Overall an ok show that made Hell In A Cell more interesting than if we saw Cena vs Punk again.

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