Batman Inc. #4 Spoilers: Which Established DC Comics Icon Is Unmasked As Wingman? Plus Batman’s Painful Robin Decision! Batman 666 and DC New 52!

The original Wingman died early in Grant Morrison’s Batman opus. Since last year, someone else has donned the Wingman mask in the hope of seek redemption. To get caught up on all the goings on until this point, check out this summary. It covers Batman Inc. plus all the ex-Robins happenings leading up to this month.

Anyhow, Damian Wayne joined this new Wingman as his new Redbird hoping to honor his father Batman’s wish to not be Robin since his mom Talia Al Ghul has a bounty on his head.

The family feud hits new emotional depths due to the Batman’s Robins fraternity connection to Wingman. Plus, Batman finally makes a decision regarding Damian, his mom Talia, and the future. Looks like Morrison is building to something big.

Beware, spoilers follow! 😉

So, just who is Wingman? Well…

That’s right. Jason Todd, a.k.a. Red Hood of the Red Hood and the Outlaws series was Wingman for the last little while. And all the ex-Robins, Nightwing / Dick Grayson and Red Robin / Tim Drake knew as did… the villainess of this arc, Talia Damian’s mom.

Also, looks like we get to see if the Batman 666 future teased earlier materializes in Batman Inc. #5 next month. Notice the cloud lettering “666” in the last panel?

Wow. Batman has some ‘splaining to do… or not if he follows through on giving Damian back to Mommy Dearest.

Things just got real.

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