Harrak’s Quick Quips: WWE Hell In A Cell 2012 (CM Punk, Ryback, John Cena, Sheamus, The Big Show)

– I’m sorry guys but it looks like Twitter wants me to verify myself as being Pulse Wrestling and unfortunately I don’t have the email address that set up that account. So for now and unless this gets figured out, I’ll be posting my thoughts here on the site.

– I really had forgotten that Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton was taking place but I guess it’s as good as an opener as any.

– As much as Orton loves being a heel, they are definitely going to lose something on the babyface side. I haven’t seen a crowd yet that’s been against him since he became a face.

– Ouch that was a miscommunication. At least Orton didn’t lose it in the middle of the match.

– That was an absolutely gorgeous RKO. Damn!

– This has actually been a pretty good non-WWE style tag match… until Kane comes in and they run to the finish.

– I’m actually really ok with a DQ loss for Team Hell No. For a second there it looked like they were putting the belts on Rhodes Scholars.

– Wasn’t it just last year’s Hell In A Cell when The Miz and R-Truth interfered in the main event and were the main story of the night? Even with people thinking they were heading up a new nWo? God it feels like so much longer ago.

– That was a MUCH better IC title match than I expected. It has to feel good to The Miz to hear JBL sing his praises all these years later.

– AND that was a pretty good promo from Kofi too! I’m surprised and impressed.

– It’s just damn silly but I loved the “e-eye e-eye NO!”

– Gotta love how two non-Americans are battling over the United States Championship.

– This has been a surprisingly slow-paced match until Gabriel started his comeback. I can completely see why the WWE wants to push Gabriel as the new John Morrison, except with charisma.

– I’m glad they showed this Ryback package on the PPV. It was really well put together and with a guy so “new”, you need to keep refreshing your audience’s mind of how much of a beast he is.

– I like the new masks for Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. It gives them some tag team unity without having those weird half-masks they wore a couple of weeks ago.

– SO MANY COLLEGE FOOTBALL REFERENCES!!! I should have know considering both JR and JBL are in the booth.

– With all of these Paul Heyman/Vickie Guerrero segments, I’m getting the strong feeling that Brock Lesnar will be making an appearance tonight. Probably with the reasoning that Heyman “had no other choice”.

– “Like a falling sofa!” – Gotta love JBL!

– Very good showing for both teams although I like the potential of the Sin Cara/Rey Mysterio team MUCH more than the Primetime Players.

– I’m actually looking forward to this match. Sheamus pulled a few very good matches out of Mark Henry last year and The Big Show has much more talent than Henry did at the time.

– I thought Big Show vs Sheamus was a Hell In A Cell match?! Are we really only getting one Cell match tonight?

– Sheamus’ chest is almost the same color as his hair!

– The way this match is progressing, I can completely see Sheamus sneaking a win, getting knocked out and Ziggler cashing in the briefcase.

– This has been a GREAT “big man” match.

– Holy shit! That White Noise was like nothing for Sheamus!

– WOW, I did not expect a Big Show title win tonight. Great match but I am shocked they took the belt off of Sheamus.

– Poor, poor Zack Ryder. I don’t think we’ll be seeing him on WWE TV for much longer.

– Kaitlyn’s power displays were much more impressive than Eve’s somersault senton. I don’t really think that’s what they were going for. Pretty much your typical Diva’s match.

– This is going to be damn interesting. If anyone currently on the roster can get a great match out of Ryback, it would be CM Punk.

– Punk’s shoulder is split open but so far so good. It’s the longest Ryback match and I’m still intrigued!

– Well that was one way to go. It was very reminiscent of a WCW finish but I have a feeling tomorrow night they are going to go back over the last few months and show this referee’s mistakes in CM Punk matches. This will lead to him “owing” CM Punk and Paul Heyman and therefore the screwjob. I’ll wait till tomorrow night’s Raw to really reserve judgement on the main event.

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