Up All Night To Now Be Filmed In Front Of Live Audience

This afternoon it was reported that NBC has ordered more episodes of their struggling Thursday night comedy Up All Night, and that after the hiatus it will be a traditional multi-cam show filmed before a live studio audience.



This is something that has happened before, and I’m sending golf claps out to NBC for the decision. The show hasn’t been working – I was a fan and lost interest this season. Instead of cancelling the show, NBC is experimenting with it and I think that’s admirable. Maybe it will work, or maybe it will still bore my face off. But at least they’re trying. The show has a great cast and I think the potential is still there.

The question now is timing. Does a traditional multi-cam, live audience show fit in with The Office, Parks and Recreation and the final season of 30 Rock? No. It doesn’t. You know what does? Community.

What NBC should do – definitely now, given this change – is move Community to Thursday nights with the other quirky shows and put Up All Night on Fridays with Whitney, so that parents who couldn’t get a babysitter can stay home and watch it.

Up All Night won’t be back with this new change for three months after the last single-cam episode has aired, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.