DC Nation Beware The Batman Concept Art Reveal For Cartoon Network (Batman, Katana, Anarky & More)

Beware the Batman is a new Batman animated series set to debut in 2013.

This week’s DC Nation Super Spectacular Magazine #2 has some interesting concept art for the new animated series. In addition, an original comic book story in the mag includes Tobias Whale (a classic Black Lightning villain) and Anarky (a classic Robin / Tim Drake anti-hero / villain) in white duds instead of his usual red and gold. Check out what the future holds below which also includes Grant Morrison’s Professor Pyg, Metamorpho, Mr. Toad and a new look Alfred.

This follows other concept art that debuted this past summer at the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) 2012. In that art we see Batman villainess Magpie, not seen in several years, set to make her debut. We also have another shot of Anarky, another one of Metamorpho (more reminiscent of Batman villain Clayface) and new Commissioner Gordon art.

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