Inside Pulse’s TNA Impact Wrestling Turning Point 2012 Live Coverage Report

Welcome to InsidePulse’s Live Coverage of TNA Turning Point. Keep it here for all the match-by-match updates, with the latest in ITALICS.

We start out with Taz in the ring, and he brings out Bully Ray & radio personality Buckethead. They want to do a simultaneous text message donation to Red Cross.

Todd Kenely joins Taz & Tenay for a 3-man booth.

No Disqualification Match for the TNA Television Championship
Samoa Joe (c) vs. Magnus

Magnus is showing aggression early in the match. They end up brawling on the floor for a bit. Joe sets up for the M.U.S.C.L.E. Buster, but Magnus fights out, knees Joe in the head, then hits the top rope elbowdrop 2. Magnus hits the ropes, but Joe hits him with a back elbow. Joe hits the ropes, but Magnus catches him in a Michanoku Driver for 2. Magnus hits another top rope elbow for 2. Magnus is getting frustrated, gets a chair in the outside. Joe flies over the top rope on Magnus on the floor! Joe tosses Magnus back in the ring, and then hits Magnus with a M.U.S.C.L.E. Buster, but only gets 2. Joe is then able to lock in the Coquina Clutch for the submission.
Winner & Still Champion – Samoa Joe

JB is with ODB, who doesn’t know where Eric Young is. EY shows up, and says that a shark ate his phone. ODB forgives him, and they head to the ring for the match.

Mixed Tag Match
Tara & Jesse vs. ODB & Eric Young

EY is up to his old antics, trying to tie up with Taryn. EY & ODB isolate Jesse, and ODB gives Jesse the Bronco Buster. EY teases that he wants a Bronco Buster from ODB too, but Tara takes out ODB. EY is tagged in, and Jesse is in firm control. Jesse & Tara tag in and out, hitting double team moves, including a double Side Russian Leg Sweep, with a kiss right before. ODB breaks up a double team, body slams Jesse, and EY hits the top rop elbow for the pin.
Winners – ODB & Eric Young

Highlights of DOC beating Sting with a hammer.

JB is with Storm, highlighting the High Stakes Triple Threat. Storm says that he will do what it takes to win the match tonight. ‘To whoever I pin, sorry about your damn luck.’

X-Division Championship Match
Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Joey Ryan

Matt Morgan is banned from ringside, as per Hulk Hogan, however Ryan says that they don’t answer to Hogan, and he told Morgan to stay in the back to prove he can hold his own. RVD controls the match. RVD goes for Rolling Thunder, but Ryan slides out of the ring to avoid it. RVD goes out and gets Ryan back in the ring, and kicks him in the head. RVD goes for the 5 Star, but Ryan shoves him off the top rope, and he lands on the guard railing. Ryan sets RVD on the turnbuckle, and hits a swinging neckbreaker off of the turnbuckle, Keneley calls it the Moustache Ride, and Ryan gets 2. RVD with a springboard thrust kick, then Rolling Thunder, then a standing Moonsault for 2. RVD with the step through kick lays out Ryan, and follows it with a 5 Star Frog Splash for the pin.
Winner & Still Champion – RVD

JB is with Joseph Park, he will man up and fight DOC tonight.

DOC vs. Joseph Parks

DOC controls the match. DOC eventually gets the same hammer that he attacked Sting with. Parks hits DOC, who drops the hammer. Parks picks up the hammer, but takes too long, and DOC lays him out. DOC cracks Parks in the head, and he starts bleeding. Parks then snaps, and hits DOC with a Black Hole Slam. Parks then snaps back into reality, and takes too long to cover, and only gets a 2 count. DOC is able to recover, and hits a Choke Slam for the pin.
Winner – DOC

DOC gets the hammer to attack Parks, but Bully Ray makes the save. Bully helps Parks up, and raises his hand.

JB is with Bobby Roode.

Recap of the lead into the Tag Team Title match.

Tag Team Championship Match
Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez vs. Kazarian & Christopher Daniels

Champs control the early part of the match, with frequent tags. Chavo goes for the Frog Splash on Kaz, but Kaz rolls out of the way. Kaz then starts working on Chavo’s ribs. Now Kaz & Daniels take turns with tag in and out, working over Chavo. Chavo hits a desperation Tornado DDT. Hernandez gets a hot tag, and rolls over both Kaz & Daniels. Hernandez lifts Daniels on his shoulders, and Chavo hits a cross body off the top (similar to a Doomsday Device) for the pin.
Winners & Still Champions – Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez

JB is with AJ Styles, who talks about distractions that have held him back this past year.

Triple Threat Match #1 Contendership for the TNA Championship Match
James Storm vs. Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles

AJ kicks Roode in the back of the head right away, and Roode rolls to the floor. Storm & AJ go toe to toe. Roode pulls Storm to the floor, and AJ leaps out on both of them. Typical Triple Threat match, with each wrestler getting their spots. Storm calls for the Last Call on Roode, but AJ springboards in with a crossbody on Storm. Roode takes out AJ, and goes back and forth beating on both Storm & AJ. Storm up, and he & Roode hit a double suplex on AJ. Crowd wants to see the Beer Money taunt, but Roode attacks Storm, who is not fooled and gets his boot up. Storm hits Roode with a Backstabber, then the Last Call on AJ for the pin.
Winner & #1 Contender – James Storm

AJ Styles is now unable to compete for the TNA Championship until Bound For Glory 2013.

Cameras in the Aces & Eights clubhouse. Devon says that attacking Kurt Angle was a random act of violence, and not to take it personal.

Kurt Angle vs. Devon

Angle rushes to the ring, and Devon takes his time getting in from ringside. Devon tries to over power Angle the majority of the match. Devon goes for a Powerbomb, but Angle slides out and hits the Triple German’s, then locks on the Ankle Lock. Devon eventually gets out of it. Devon hits a back elbow, and, while limping, goes to the top rope for a Swan Dive Headbutt. Angle moves, and nails the Angle Slam. Five members of Aces & Eights make it to ringside, including DOC. Angle is able to lock on the Ankle Lock again, and Devon taps.
Winner – Kurt Angle

Angle exits the ring & goes up the ramp quickly while DOC screams at him.

The man behind the camera asks AJ what he is going to do now that he can’t fight for the title. AJ just stares blankly at him.

Ladder Match for the TNA Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Austin Aries

Both belts are hanging for the match. Aries dilly dallies around the ring, then attempts to get a ladder in, but Jeff heads him off, and they both slide it in. Aries is able to lay another ladder from the ring to the railing, and lays Jeff on it. Aries with a slingshot lands on Jeff. Aries goes for the belts but Jeff pulls him down. Jeff turns an opened ladder upside down, and tries to suplex Aries through it. Aries reverses it, and tries to get Jeff through the upside down ladder, but Jeff blocks it. Jeff goes to leap off the 2nd turnbuckle to send Aries through the ladder, but Aries moves, and Hardy hits the ladder brackets. Hardy rolls to the floor, and Aries hits a suicide dive. Aries tries to trap Jeff on the floor. Aries goes to up the ladder, but doesn’t see Hardy on the floor anymore. Hardy rolls under the ring, and out on the other side, and he quickly tries to climb the ladder, but Aries slides in, and violently takes out the ladder. The ladder gets put in the corner, and Hardy is up against it. Aries charges, but Hardy his able to arm drag Aries into the ladder. Hardy gets up a ladder, but Aries with a Missile Dropkick, takes out the ladder. Aries then follows it with a Brainbuster. Aries climbs up the ladder for the belts, and Hardy follows. They fight on top, and Hardy hits a Twist of Fate off the ladder. Hardy follows it with the Swanton. Aries rolls out of the ring, and Hardy goes for the belts again. As Hardy gets to the top of the ladder, the harness holding the belts raises up. They pan out to show that Aries had the controls of the harness, and raised the ladder. A ladder is placed on the top turnbuckle, and Hardy chases down Aries, and tosses him over the gaurdrail back to ringside. Hardy pulls out a larger ladder and both men climb it. They sway back and forth on the ladder, and it eventually tips over, and both men land on the ladder that was laid out on the top turnbuckle. Hardy then hits a Twist of Fate on the ladder, and Aries falls all the way to the floor. Hardy then climbs the large ladder to get both belts for the win.
Winner & Still Champion – Jeff Hardy

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