Crisis on Multiple Earths Volume 6 Finally Solicited, But Missing Books? Fix Expected Before March 2013 Release (DC Comics)

Well it’ll be three years by the time the new trade paperback comes out, but DC is finally continuing its efforts to complete the pre-Crisis of Infinite Earths meetings between the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America. These collected edition efforts started in 2003 with Volume 1. And, Volume 6 comes to us in March 2013, advance solicited as part of DC Comics February 2013 comic book solicitations.

However, while I’m excited about Crisis on Multiple Earths Volume 6, the solicitation has me a bit perplexed. It reads as follows:

    Written by GERRY CONWAY and ROY THOMAS
    Cover by GEORGE PEREZ

    On sale MARCH 20 • 208 pg, FC, $19.99 US

    The JLA meet the JSA in this new collection in which the teams face Gorilla Grodd and the Secret Society of Super-Villains and battle the Crime Syndicate and the the Crime Champions of Earth-1.

    Collects JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #195-197, 207-209 and 219-220.

Now, this classic team called Justice League of America is very different from DC Comics’ New 52 darker version of Justice League of America and its ensuing controversy.

Anyhow, previous Crisis on Multiple Earths collections exclusively featured the Justice League of America series as that is where the regular JLA/JSA cross-overs happened. However, in the 1980s, DC started having the annual JLA/JSA meeting cross-over into books like All Star Squadron and Infinity Inc.

As such, breaking down the above:

    Justice League of America #195-197: This is correct. This x-over was exclusively in these issues.

    Justice League of America #207-209: These three issues were part of the JLA/JSA cross-over as were All-Star Squadron #14 (part 2), #15 (part 4) which are not solicited.

    JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #219-220: This is correct. This x-over was exclusively in these issues.

It is likely that JLA #219-220 will be removed from this collection to make way for the two All-Star Squadron issues. Previous Crisis on Multiple Earth collections have ranged from 7 to 10 issues and 168 pages to 208 pages. The solicit does note the writer for All Star Squadron Roy Thomas, but I can’t see DC just throwing in the two MIA All-Star Squadron issues to make this a 10 issue collection.

If DC Comics removes JLA #219-220 from volume 6, that would leave six issues for the final pre-Crisis JLA/JSA x-over in Crisis on Multiple Earths Volume 7:

    Justice League of America #219-220

    Justice League of America #231-232

    Infinity Inc. #19 and Justice League of America #244

That would make that next collection the smallest single issues wise. Not sure what else DC could add to that collection to beef it up. Or, they may just keep it at six issues and bring price point down a few dollars…. or just leave it at $19.99.

In any event, I’m excited about Crisis on Multiple Earths Volume 6.

The eventual and yet-to-be-solicited Volume 7 should close the chapter on the pre-Crisis JLA/JSA cross-overs. I wonder if DC will collect the post-Crisis adventures which didn’t start until several years, and I mean several years, later under the Geoff Johns era of JSA. But those are few and do not have the same significance as the vintage pre-Crisis variety.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome! 🙂

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