Dexter – Episode 7-7 Review – “Love or Murder?”

This season of Dexter has been artfully put together. Even now that Deb has fully embraced Dexter’s dark passenger, there are a lot of metaphoric guns pointed at Dexter Morgan – a lot of different ways he can be brought down. LaGuerta. Isaak. His own infatuation with Hannah. Sal Price’s investigation of Hannah and his knowledge of Dexter’s relationship with her.

I also like how this season is bringing up a lot of the past. Doakes, Lyla, Rita, Lumen. It makes it feel like everything is coming together.

There are a few smaller aspects to this season that I’ve yet to care about. Quinn’s dirty-cop ways and his stripper girlfriend? I’m just waiting for him to kick the bucket. Batista’s retirement? That has to be something more. He has to be on to Quinn eventually, these things need to become important. That’s what’ll make the season great.

There were some great moments in this episode, despite the fact that I hated the ending of last week’s episode. Hannah taking out Sal and accidentally leaving a mess for Dexter to deal with was fantastic, especially since he left behind a confession from Hannah that she killed that woman at the motel – the crime she has immunity for. Deb asking Deb to  kill Hannah was amazing, because it’s so far from where she was at the beginning of the season yet her evolution hasn’t felt rushed.

And poor, poor Deb. Another boyfriend bites the dust. She should just become a nun or something, this is getting ridiculous.