Glee – Episode 4-7 Review – “We Could Be Heroes”

OK, let’s briefly discuss Glee from Thursday, because it featured almost the entire cast dressed in superhero costumes. I expected the superhero theme to be lame, and it was a little. But it didn’t drag down the episode. Once you got on board with that, a lot of the songs were pretty good. This wasn’t my favorite episode, but it was perfectly acceptable – just like the season overall.

I still hate the storyline about Marley’s weight. I mean, all her clothes still fit. She probably owns a scale. I don’t buy that she has this sudden crisis in body image. The dyslexic storyline went better than I expected it to, usually when Glee gets up on a soapbox it makes viewers roll their eyes.

I was impressed that Glee did the Bowie song, I was worried they wouldn’t include it and instead they did a great version. They should really be using Sam more.

“Some Nights” is one of those super-catchy pop songs that Glee always nails as a final group number.