Scott Lobdell Teases Future Plus Teen Titans #14 Spoiler: Team 7 Kurt Lance’s Surprising Super-Powers! (Birds of Prey, Superman, Suicide Squad, Red Hood & The Outlaws, Batman Death of the Family)

Following earlier stealth preludes to Death of the Family / Batman including this past week’s Teen Titans #14’s stealth Death of the Family prelude with the Joker spoiler, comes a further TT #14 spoiler that has implications for at least few DC Comics New 52 titles particularly: Birds of Prey and Team Seven. It involves Kurt Lance, Dinah Lance / Black Canary’s former Team 7 partner and husband who has been skulking around Teen Titans since Teen Titans #8 for Amanda Waller of Suicide Squad.

Teen Titans #14 hit stands this past week and showcases the final part of writer Scott Lobdell’s Wonder Girl origins with modern-day complications for the TT. He’s also revealed some interesting tidbits about the future of books he’s writing like Teen Titans, Red Hood and the Outlaws, and Superman. Those tidbits follow the Kurt Lance spoiler from Teen Titans #14 below.

Spoilers follow. You have been warned. 🙂

So, Kurt Lance is like a meta-human messiah? Interesting. I wonder how this will come into play in Justin Jordan’s Team Seven that is set in the past of the DC New 52. I’m also curious what Kurt Lance and Amanda Waller / Suicide Squad have in store of the Teen Titans. Hmmm.

Also, in November Scott Lobdell had some intriguing teases, as reported by our friends at CBR, about the future of his three books: Superman, Red Hood and the Outlaws and Teen Titans.

Lobdell on Superman’s Clark Kent quitting the Daily Planet for blooging: I can tell you without giving anything away — actually, spoiler alert! — in one of Clark’s first blogging stories, he’s revealing to the world the fact the U.S. Government has been forcing supervillains to work for them under threat of death. Clark’s going to crack open the whole Suicide Squad story through his website. So even though Clark is not working for the Planet, he’s still a reporter moving forward.

Lobdell on Teen Titans plus Red Hood and the Outlaws: I’m excited about the things coming up in ‘Death of the Family.’ Usually, things end up exactly the same once an event is over, and while ‘Red Hood’ will still be close to the same, ‘Teen Titans’ takes a sharp left turn after ‘DotF.’ We could all be here in this room next year and you’ll say, ‘Woah.’

This issue [upcoming Red Hood & The Outlaws #17 featuring Jason Todd and Bruce Wayne] is going to be the result of things that happen directly out of ‘Death of the Family. You can read that issue and ‘Batman Incorporated’ #4 [spoiler here] and not feel like they existed in two different worlds.

Spoiler alert! We’ll be seeing her [Solstice] back in her original form soon. Solstice’s powers are based on planetary alignment. Did something deliberately happen to her, or does her look have something to do with her powers? Hmmm… maybe that Scott Lobdell’s not as mean as we think he is.

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