TNA to Cut At Least Two PPVs in 2013 Allowing a Two-Month Build to Both Lockdown and Bound for Glory

According to The Wrestling Observer, the current plan for TNA / Impact Wrestling in 2013 is to cut at least two PPV events off their calendar. By cutting their February and September shows, TNA will be able to offer up a solid two-month build for both Lockdown (in March 2013) and Bound for Glory (in October 2013).

CB’s Slant: There is speculation that TNA may cut even more PPV events, signaling a welcome shift away from the antiquated model of having monthly shows that increasingly get in the way of the natural flow of storylines (see: WWE Hell In A Cell 2012).

Let’s hope WWE follows suit, especially since their TV revenues and ratings mean more these days than the lesser PPV events.

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Source: The Wrestling Observer