Fox Celebrates Die Hard’s 25th Anniversary With New Blu-ray Release

Die Hard series gets a new Blu-ray set that ties in with the theatrical release of A Good Day to Die Hard.

Currently in my possession I have three box sets for the Die Hard series (2 DVDs, 1 Blu-ray), a steelbook release of Die Hard and a steelbook release of Live Free or Die Hard. Can you tell that I enjoy this series? While some people look at me odd when I tell them that Die Hard is my favorite Christmas movie of all time, I then proceed letting them know that killing a terrorist with feet smaller than my sister’s is more enjoyable than knowing an angel gets his wings every time a bell rings.

On January 29, 2013, 20th Century Fox will release another Blu-ray box set that includes the four Die Hard movies that have been available on the high-def format since November 2007. What makes this new set different is an additional special features disc titled “Decoding Die Hard.” It’s the ultimate tribute to the tough-as-nails cop with a wry sense of humor and a knack for explosive action. Wrong place. Wrong time. Right man. Yippee ki yay!

Presumption would say that no changes have been made to the four films in terms of video and audio. Depending on your love of the series the fifth disc will make or break your purchase. According to the press release, the supplemental disc includes features on Bruce Willis’ casting and the character’s evolution and legacy (“Modern Day Hero”), the sidekicks who have been with McClane (“Along for the Ride”), the villains (“Bad to the Bone”), stunts and action scenes (“Punishing Blows”), visual and special effects (“Explosive Effects”), the franchise’s development (“Reinventing the Action Genre”) and the influence the Die Hard films have had on pop culture (“The Right Hero for the Right Time”).

The set’s suggested retail price is still TBA. In the mean time, check out the cover art and then compare the trailers for Die Hard and the upcoming Valentine’s Day release of A Good Day to Die Hard.

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