Press Release – “The Bottom Rope (Documentary): Inside The World Of Independent Wrestling

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Featuring former stars Marty Jannetty, Crowbar and interdependent star Danny Inferno, “The Bottom Rope: Inside the world of independent wrestling” is a documentary by Michael Monday of the NJ Star-Ledger about the sometimes sad/sometimes hopeful world of independent wrestling.

In high school gyms and VFW halls in New Jersey, there exists a place where pro-wrestlers are made – and where former stars go to hang on. Over the course of 60 nights a year, National Wrestling Superstars spotlights these die-hard showmen and their unwavering desire to practice their craft. The Bottom Rope goes beyond the ring to look at four wrestlers, their stories, and what keeps them coming back for more. (A film by Michael Monday / The Star-Ledger)


You can watch the full documentary at the link below (I highly recommend it.)


The Bottom Rope: Inside The World Of Independent Wrestling

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