Harrak’s Quick Quips: Final Resolution 2012 (Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, Aces and Eights, Bully Ray)

– Here we go w/the final 2012 TNA PPV Final Resolution. Head over to http://wrestling.insidepulse.com/2012/12/09/four-weeks-of-quick-quips-impact-wrestling-11-15-12-12-6-12/ … to see 4 weeks worth of Impact in one review!

– “Goat-roper”?

– Awesome response from Storm to that horrible Kazarian promo.

– Hot crowd tonight in Orlando. Hopefully they are able to keep up the energy.

– I’d love to see the stats of how many refs have ALMOST been hit with a superkick in wrestling history.

– Hot opener for a hot crowd. Smart throwing Storm a victory to start off the show.

– What. The. Hell. Is with Kenny King’s entrance music? If you can call it “music”.

– Check out Kenny King making a RVD match entertaining!

– Damn. That could have been a perfect “passing of the torch” match. I don’t understand people’s obsession w/ RVD.

– I seriously think Hernandez gets inspiration from TattooFails.com every time he gets new ink.

– Not many people agree w/my assessment of Matt Morgan but I still stick by my stance that he could be a massive star.

– Would have liked a title change but at least it was left open for a rematch. Decent tag match.

– Really Mike Tenay? Bully Ray vs Austin Aries is more personal than Jeff Jarrett marrying Kurt Angle’s ex-wife?

– You can tell the crowd is a little confused on who to cheer in this match. The Brooke/Bully storyline is still too new.

– A missile dropkick from Bully Ray?! What the hell?!?!

– Definitely don’t think we were supposed to see a Brooke-bra shot but I’m not complaining.

– I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bully/Buh Buh ever be sympathetic toward a woman.

– Um that might be the worst wrestling outfit I’ve ever seen on a woman. Who let Mickie out like that?

– No surprise there. They had to keep the belt on a heel so the returning Velvet Sky can win it.

– So how many people out there are just waiting for Garett & Brisco to turn on Angle & Joe?

– I noticed this on Impact to but good God Luke Gallows can take a sweet German suplex.

– So what did that match accomplish? No turns. No reveals. No storyline development at all.

– You can tell that everyone is just waiting for Styles/Daniels to just pick up into that second gear.

– Holy shit AJ just got split the hardway. REAL hard & still going strong.

– The Impact Zone is just dead for Daniels’ offense.

– Well that really never picked up but hopefully this leads to AJ taking a break for awhile & coming back fresh.

– Final predictions for TNA Title match? I’m going with Roode with a triple threat including James Storm soon.

– Damn these final two matches are just dragging along.

– That was a sick bump from Hardy over the guard rail. The things he does to himself are just insane.

– The teenage girl screaming “I hate all of you!” during the Jeff Hardy beatdown was priceless.

– Well that was a horribly subpar PPV. Actually a little PO’ed that I stayed up for it. Such a shame.

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