Amazing Spider-Man #699.1 Integral Or Not To Broader ASM #700 & Superior Spider-Man Arc? Marvel Now News (Spoilers)

As Marvel Comics marches to Amazing Spider-Man #700 – teaser pics already released – the last issue of that storied franchises, and the new dawn of Marvel Now’s Superior Spider-Man #1, we have a Point One issue: Amazing Spider-Man #699.1 out this week. It takes place after the shocking events of Amazing Spider-Man #698.

Spoilers follow. You have been warned. 🙂

Doctor Octopus switched bodies with Peter Parker in Amazing Spider-Man #698 which end with Petey-Octopus seemingly dying.

Then in Amazing Spider-Man #699, we see Petey-Ock revived by prison officials. How does he repay them? Well, we plans a jailbreak as Doctor Octopus. We also learn how it was Doc Ock switched their bodies.

Amazing Spider-Man #699.1 appears to take place right after the last page of #699. Here are the teaser / spoiler pics released by Marvel.

Interestingly, the cover and preview makes it seem like Morbius the conflicted living Vampire takes center stage. Well, apparently that’s by design as the issue is intended to really be a Marvel Now Morbius #0 kick off for his new series! Writer Joe Keatinge teased the issue over 2012 con season:

    AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #699.1 is essentially MORBIUS #0.

    If you’ve never read a Morbius comic book before, ASM #699.1 gets you up to date on absolutely everything there is to know about him. It takes him from where Dan Slott and company took him to and sets him on the course of everything Rich and I have in store.

    Every goal [Morbius] has is ultimately focused on redemption and atonement. Curing himself is definitely part of that. We’re giving him an opportunity to do just that, but given his history you can bet it’s not going to go well.

    He’s a guy who desperately wants to do right—he won a Nobel Peace Prize!—but everything always just goes so horribly wrong. A lot of people die in the wake of him trying to do the well by the world. There’s a lot of tragedy in our story. Things don’t go well for the guy.

    We’re putting him in a setting he’s never been before—he’s seeing a side of the Marvel Universe no one’s ever explored before. A side consisting of people too odd and disturbing for even the X-Men. I don’t want to say too much about them just yet, but Morbius will find he has a lot in common with a lot of people, which probably means they shouldn’t have met. This is definitely taking him in some very different directions, but the core of the character will be true to who he is.

So, make up your own mind if you think Amazing Spider-Man #699.1 is integral to Dan Slott’s broader spidey plot or whether it’s primarily a launch vehicle for Morbius. The issue is out on Wednesday December 12, 2012.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome. 🙂

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