Top 3 Developments from CW Arrow Year’s End (Season 1, Episode 9) w/ Deathstroke Return & 3 Archers?

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The Fall Finale for CW Arrow aired today. New episodes of CW’s Arrow return on January 16, 2013 with Episode 10 titled “Burned”.

This week’s episode titled “Year’s End” – Season 1, Episode 9 – had some interesting developments. The Top 3 are below.

Spoilers follow. You have been warned! :)

Dark Archer Revealed & Archers Galore

Turns out that Tommy Merlyn’s father Malcolm Meryln, played by actor John Barrowman, was revealed as the dark archer to viewers, but not Oliver. Apparently the dark archer’s arrows were custom-made, but include a patented shaft. It was tracked to a large shipment purchased by a company called “Sagittarius” named for the astrological / zodiac archer.

That means CW Arrow has 3 archers revealed so far alongside the 3 in the DC Comics’ New 52.

CW Arrow:

    The island archer that mentors Oliver during his 5 year sojourn is a Chinese military exile. Some readers have speculated that he is Xu Tao, the Celestial Archer from DC Comics’ Chinese super-team the Great Ten.

    “Sagittarius” is the dark archer stalking Oliver Queen’s The Hood in modern-day Starling City. Turns out Tommy Merlyn’s dad Malcolm isn’t the big bad behind the infamous list being used by Oliver for his hunt, but he’s the enforcer for someone else.

    Naturally, the titular character of “Arrow” or The Hood is the series’ lead archer.

DC Comics New 52:

    Arthur King is Merlyn the dark archer last seen in Batman Inc. taken down by Batman / Bruce Wayne’s son, the current Robin / Damian Wayne.

    Komodo makes his debut in Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino’s Green Arrow relaunch in 2013. He’s behind Oliver Queen’s upcoming downfall in the comics.

    Lastly, Oliver Queen is Green Arrow in DC Comics New 52. Turns out the name Green Arrow “is lame” on CW Arrow – that is a direct quote from this week’s episode – but it’s not in the comics. ;)

Deathstroke Returns

During an island flashback Deathstroke returns! Scene ends with Oliver’s island mentor captured being hauled away while Oliver looks on from behind shrubbery and trees. What will Oliver do next?

Also, now that Manu Bennett has been cast to play Deathstroke, we’ll likely have some out-of-costume scenes coming up. Interesting to see what the actor – best know as Crixus in Starz’s Spartacus and who currently plays Azog in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit movie – will bring to Slade Wilson / Deathstroke.

“Tempest” Plot Deepens

While we still don’t have a name for the cabal of elites that is doing wrong by Starling City, their actions are being felt. The closest we came is the name Tempest which may more not be a code-name associated only with Oliver’s mom Moira Queen or may be for the broader cabal.

It also appears that we learn in this issue that Moira was involved in the hiring of Deathstroke to torture Oliver to “show” the cabal that Oliver knew nothing of their plans. So Moira may have known that Oliver was alive the whole time marooned – so to speak – on the island. However, other viewers believe the exchange between Malcolm Merlyn and Moira Queen refers to the first episode and the thugs Moira hired to rough up Oliver. Well, take you’re pick. :)

Turns out Malcolm Merlyn is reporting to someone else who was responsible for penning the “list”. That fellow leads the cabal and was responsible for Oliver’s dad death. Moira’s current husband Walter Steel also feels the cabal’s wrath as he is kidnapped, but not killed; to be returned seemingly in 6 months (to coincide with the end of CW Arrow Season 1 – could this be the Season’s cliffhanger?) when the cabal’s plan for Starling City is revealed. It will include the collateral damage of several citizenry deaths.

Moira knows of the kidnapping and we don’t know whether she’ll stick with the cabal or not. She has reservations about her husband’s kidnapping and the deaths to come.

Now we wait until January 16, 2013 for the next new episode!
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