Harrak’s Quick Quips: WWE TLC 12.16.12 (John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, Team Hell No, The Shield)


– It’s been a long ass time since we had a Santa’s Helpers battle royal & yup it’s still stupid.

– Fantastic opening to the show. As someone who lives less than 15 mins away from the shooting, this felt simple & classy.

– I hope Cody Rhodes knows now that he can never shave his mustache as long as he’s a heel.

– I’m actually giving this “2nd screen experience” with my iPad & the WWE app open. Under “WWEActive”, there’s just a blank screen.

– For some reason I always expect Antonio Cesaro to still come out with Aksana.

– Wow they rushed that finish. Maybe they called an audible once they noticed the crowd dying.

– Seems to be a pro-Ziggler crowd tonight in Brooklyn. Should be interesting against John Cena.

– Well it looks like Miz mastered the “Mick Foley Cheap Pop” technique on his way to a top babyface.

– I’m telling you, BG James is going to be busted out of retirement to sing 3MB’s first single.

– What the hell?! Did Alberto Del Rio just turn babyface?!

– I’m actually ok with Del Rio becoming a babyface. I’ve been saying for a year that his character’s been too stale.

– Damn that Wade Barrett made me think he’s not walking away with the belt tonight. Although I WOULD rather see him in main events.

– And there it was. Damn.

– LOVING CM Punk’s new storyline t-shirt! #Knees2Faces

– The Shield REALLY got bumped down the card. It’s understandable but that’s gotta suck.

– Very nice touch with the music & having The Shield enter through the crowd. Perfect.

– WWE App Fail =

WWE App Fail

– It’s nice to see the Spanish announce table being used again how it always used to be used.

– God, Dean Ambrose is a selling machine!

– I don’t think I ever noticed that Roman Reigns is the same size as Kane. That’s impressive in itself.

– Damn, this TLC match could have easily closed out the PPV!

– Here comes “Jeff Hardy 2013″/Seth Rollins!

– Holy sh*t! Fantastic match & victory for The Shield! Spot on all-around and probably one of the best fights of all of 2012!

– Well that Divas match was completely pointless.

– Now if Dolph Ziggler cashes in his briefcase before or after this match, does that make his match with John Cena null and void?

– I never thought a “Chairs” match could be interesting but the welts on Sheamus’ back have proven me wrong.

– This is the first time in months I haven’t checked the clock during a WWE PPV!

– I’ve seen giant ladders and giant tables but a giant chair?!?! What the hell?!?

– Another solid brawl between Sheamus and Big Show but not a big fan of the finish. Ruined the match for me.

– Despite the “We Want Ryder!” chants, they bust out the Brooklyn Brawler?! I marked out a little but what the hell???!

– Hey look! John Cena is closing out a PPV!

– Wow, deafeningly bad reaction for John Cena tonight.

– I think Ziggler should have taken that AA on the ladder. Win or lose, he’d be in highlights for decades.


– Nice finish to a good TLC match but sorry, the rookies (The Shield/Ryback) & Team Hell No stole the show tonight.

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