Green Lantern #15 Spoilers: First Lantern Reveal & He’s A Multiverse Threat? Rise of the Third Army

Spoilers for Green Lantern #15 follow. You have been warned! 😉

Green Lantern #15 was released today and the last page shows the caged First Lantern – responsible for unleashing the power of the emotional spectrum – attempting to free himself from the Guardians. A crack appears on the cage and he refers to himself as… Volthoom?!?

Why is this significant? Well, in the classic pre-New 52 multiverse, Volthoom was – depending on the version – the anti-matter universe and/or Earth 2 or Earth 3 creator of the power ring for the villain called, um, Power Ring; a Green Lantern archetype in the Crime Syndicate of America / Amerika who were essentially an evil alternate Earth Justice League of America. Volthoom could take over the mind of whomever wore his ring through the ring.

So, it looks like the Mad Monk Volthoom is the First Lantern in the New 52 DC Comics “prime” universe. Is he similar to Darkseid and the New Gods as a singular multiversal threat – there are no other New Gods in the multiverse – and be the only Volthoom in the multiverse? Or is Volthoom one of many in the multiverse like the multiple Supermen, etc.

An interesting revelation in Green Lantern #15 this week.

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