Just Seen It Movie Review: Parental Guidance [Video]

Over-protective parents Marty and Alice must leave town for work. So they ask Alice's Mom and Dad to watch the kids for a few days. But Diane and Artie find lots has changed since they were calling the shots in Parental Guidance. Starring Billy Crystal, Bette Midler and Marisa Tomei. Directed by Andy Fickman. Written by Lisa Addario and Joe Syracuse. Produced by Peter Chernin, Billy Crystal and Samantha Sprecher. Genre: Family Comedy. Leah, Rachel and Brenna review the new family comedy starring Billy Crystal and Bette Midler. Starring Brenna Smith, Leah Aldridge and Rachel Appelbaum. Directed by Liz Manashil. Edited by Brian Jahns. Sound Design by Aaron Fink and Nick Isaacs. Produced by David Freedman(@ShowRunnerDave), Cooper Griggs, Aaron Fink(@AaronEvanFink) and Pedro Raposo. Watch us every Saturday at 6PM Pacific on PBS OC or at pbssocal.org/justseenit!

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