Harrak’s Quick Quips: TNA Genesis 2013 (Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, James Storm, Christopher Daniels)

CE 500x250 - Genesis 2013

– As much as I was against Jeff Hardy getting another chance, it’s been great to see his sobering success.

– As odd of a team Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan are, I still like them more than Chavo & Hernandez.

– Hernandez just almost KILLED ANOTHER wrestler! Why is this man allowed in a ring?!

– Why someone thought taking the TV Title off of Samoa Joe was a good idea I’ll never understand.

– The addition of Todd Keneley to the TNA announce team was completely random but his passion/knowledge is growing on me.

– When Joe had the belt, he lost at least 20lbs & his cardio was way up. Now he’s living up to “Sloppy” Joe.

– Can Aces & Eights only afford one hammer? You’d think they would have a higher budget with so many members.

– Good promo from Kenny King. We hadn’t been able to really see that personality yet on TNA TV.

– I’d have to say that Gut Check has been a success if only for King, Christian York & Joey Ryan.

– Good, if a little sloppy, match between King & York. Really established King as the new X-Division Austin Aries.

– I hate RVD as X-Division champion but that match was more about York’s desire than RVD. That’s how you make future stars.

– Did you know that Joseph Park debuted on the March 8th edition of Impact looking for his “brother” Abyss? It’s been almost a year of this gimmick.

– This has not been the best show to launch TNA’s new “4” PPV a years format.

– You know you’re bored with a show when you’re rooting for the referee more than anyone else in the ring.

– Soooo that’s 4 or 5 women who have a legit claim that they didn’t lose the gauntlet match. Overbooking 101.

– Kazarian just tried to reverse wedgie James Storm!

– All James Storm needs is a flying forearm & a kip-up and he’d completely be TNA-HBK.

– I like the Daniels win here as the title match will take place on Impact so there’s no pressure to sell PPVs.

– So I’m guessing there’s 2-1 odds that Bully Ray dumps Brooke at the wedding & becomes TNA’s lead heel of 2013.

– Not much to say about Sting vs DOC. It was what it was and honestly I could have lived without it.

– It’s been a LONG time since we’ve seen an elimination triangle match. Small enough twist of a triple threat to make it interesting.

– As much as I hate Jeff Hardy’s custom belt, at least he brings the legit title to the ring as well.

– I said it last month & I’ll say it again, Jeff Hardy is now TNA’s “Super Hardy”. He’s been surviving even MORE than “Super Cena”!

– Shocked that all 3 announcers missed the fact that Roode moved Hardy away from Aries’ 450 splash. Actually not that shocked.

– Pretty good Genesis title match but I would have liked to see more after the 1st elimination. They needed to do more to save this PPV though. This show actually made me happier that there’s only 4 PPVs a year now.

– I really don’t see Jeff Hardy losing the title until he decides whether or not to resign a new contract.

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