WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results for 1/14/13: The Rock, C.M. Punk, John Cena, Ric Flair

We have a Rock Concert tonight. Part of me really hopes 3MB crashes it. It is also the 20th anniversary of RAW, so we can expect some big names to return.

Del Rio As A Face? So Far So Good

After a mix of old intros from RAWs past, Vince McMahon was in the ring. He said throughout the years, RAW has always been full of entertainment. Vince said over 4 billion people have watched RAW, and it is because he is a genius. He said tonight, John Cena will face Dolph Ziggler in a Steel Cage and hyped the Rock Concert. Big Show came out and said that everything will have to wait until they address the travesty that happened to him on Smackdown. Vince said that he doesn’t like people interrupting him or calling him by his first name. Show addressed Vince as Sir. Vince said it looks like he lost a lot of weight, and by that he meant the World Title that used to be around his waist. Vince replayed the footage of Del Rio’s World Title win.

Show said he was unprepared for the match and said Booker T was trying to make Del Rio a hero for the Latinos. Show said Booker is jealous of him. Ricardo and Alberto del Rio interrupted. Del Rio said Show comes off very small. Del Rio said Show likes picking on people, but when he gets picked on, Show turns into a crybaby. Del Rio said instead of complaining, Show should do something about it. Del Rio challenged him to a World Title Match. Show said no. He said he’s not prepared. Del Rio said Show is bigger and stronger and for once in his life should show some balls. Show suggested the Royal Rumble for their rematch. Show said at the Rumble, people will remember what he did. Del Rio said whatever you say, you fat jackass. Del Rio had a present for Show. Show threatened to break Ricardo in half if he threw water on his suit. Ricardo threw confetti. Show attacked. Del Rio hit a hurricarrana and enziguri on Show before he bailed.

Segment Analysis: I know Del Rio worked as a face in Mexico, and I think he can pull it off in the WWE. Del Rio’s style works well as a face. We just have to hope the WWE doesn’t dumb his act down now. That was a good opening exchange between both men. Good to see the World Title and two guys who don’t normally get the spotlight be in it to start the show. Survey Says: 3/5

Wait, WHAT?

Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett. Barrett ducked a clothesline but Orton caught him with a Lou Thesz press. On the outside Orton slammed Barrett’s head into the announce table. Orton did his vesion of the Garvin stomp to Barrett. Orton clotheslined Barrett over the ropes. Back from break, Barrett caught Orton with a running knee. Orton fought out of a headlock but ran right into a Barrett boot for two. Barrett caught Orton with another kick and went back to a headlock. Orton fought out and the two exchanged punches before Orton went into ORTON MODE!! He hit a backbreaker then his middle rope DDT. Barrett countered an RKO and threw Orton into the ringpost. Barrett hit the Bullhammer Elbow for the win.

Match Analysis: Decent match. Very surprised to see a clean win for Barrett there. Are times a changing in the WWE? I’ll believe it when I see it. Big win for Barrett. Survey Says: 3/5

Backstage Booker told Eve that if she gets intentionally counted out or DQ’d she gets stripped of the Divas Title. Eve tried to persuade Booker against it, but he laughed her off. She then slapped Teddy.

Dr. Shelby follow up time with Team Hell No. They agreed to lie to get it over with. Dr. Shelby asked what Bryan liked about Kane. Bryan said he’s tall and can set things on fire. Kane said he likes Bryan’s beard and that he can admit he likes to wear women’s clothes. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow came in. Dr. Shelby said they were there to help deal with their past anger issues. Instead, Rhodes and Sandow ripped on Dr. Shelby and told him they would be better getting advice from Dr. Phil. Dr. Shelby snapped and told Team Hell No to attack. Funny stuff.

Kane vs Damien Sandow. Kane hit some corner clotheslines then a side slam. Sandow bailed out of the ring but Kane caught him with an upper cut. Sandow caught Kane with a kick coming back into the ring. Sandow hit the Elbow of Disdain, but Kane came right back with a chokeslam for the win.

Anything New? No.

Mick Foley came out as the first WWE Hall of Fame inductee. After his cheap pop line, The Shield came out. Before they could attack, Ryback came out. He got the upper hand early but The Shield eventually took over until Randy Orton and Sheamus came out. Ryback hit Shell Shocked on Ambrosse.

Ryback said every time he fought C.M. Punk, The Shield has helped Punk win the WWE Title. Ryback said he cannot rest until he gets back at The Shield for what they did to him.

Segment Analysis: I really want to like The Shield, but it is starting to get repetitive with what they do every week. Something has to change on that front. Survey Says: 2/5

A video played of all the past bad WWE gimmicks. Mantaur for the win!

Kaitlyn defeated Eve to win the Divas Title. Kaitlyn hit a pretty nice Spear to win. It was actually a pretty good Divas Match.

Dance Punk Dance!

C.M. Punk vs Brodus Clay. Clay took down Punk with a shoulder tackle. Clay hit a couple elbows but Punk caught him with a boot to the face. Punk hit a springboard clothesline and neckbreaker. Clay fought out of a headlock and hit a suplex then a couple of clotheslines. Punk moved out of the way of a splash then hit a Macho Man Elbow. Punk applied the Anaconda Vice for the win.

Punk took the mic after the match. Punk said he came out to do what he does every night, and Rock will do whatever he does. Punk said everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not facts. It’s a fact he just made Brodus Clay tap out. The most important title in the world belongs to him. Punk said at Royal Rumble, Rock will not leave WWE Champion, and that’s a fact.

Segment Analysis: Good showing from Punk. The seriousness Punk brings to his promos is much better than anything Cena did in his build up to his match with Rock. Survey Says: 3/5

Rock and Mick Foley met up backstage. Vickie told them to keep quiet.

3MB won an over the top rope challenge when Heath Slater got help from McIntyre and Mahal eliminating Sheamus. Sheamus Brogue Kicked all of them after.

Gotta Make Those Alimony Payments Somehow…

MizTV with guest Ric Flair. He said the biggest night of his life was the night after Shawn Michaels retired him. Flair said he can’t wait to see Ryback bring down The Shield. There was a WOO off between Flair and Miz. They then played a bunch of catchphrases from former wrestlers. Flair went into his “Kiss Stealing” lines until Antonio Cesaro came out. Cesaro said Flair and Miz embody America today. A reality show wannabe and a former Champion who made $10 million but spent $30 million trying to maintain his past greatness. Cesaro said Flair has nothing to show for his greatness now, except a bar tab he probably can’t pay. And the 4 Horsemen symbol only symbolizes his four ex-wives. Miz challenged Cesaro. Cesaro said he would walk away. Flair stopped him and chopped him. Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale, and Flair let Miz apply the Figure Four.

Segment Analysis: Eh, that segment didn’t really do too much for me. Just seemed like they were trying to get Miz over more by pairing him with Flair. Cesaro’s one liners were good, but the segment overall just kind of fell flat and didn’t have much substance to it. Survey Says: 2/5

Daniel Bryan beat Cody Rhodes with a quick No Lock.

Eve quit, as was reported earlier tonight.

Didn’t I See This Last Week?

A.J. went over past RAW weddings. Dolph came in after and said tonight he will steal the show. The cage match started back from break. Cena applied a headlock after tossing Ziggler into the cage. Ziggler fought out and caught Cena with a dropkick. Ziggler hit a splash in the corner then a couple of neckbreakers. Cena catapulted Ziggler into the cage but Ziggler caught himself and tried climbing out. Cena tried escaping but Ziggler got to his feet. Ziggler punched Cena off but Cena ran into the ropes, which crotched Ziggler.

Back from break, both men exchanged punches on top of the cage. The two came back down to the ropes and Ziggler hit a dropkick. Cena blocked a Ziggler attempt to throw him into the cage, then went into CENA MODE!!! He went for the AA but Dolph blocked it and tried climbing the cage. Dolph caught Cena with a superkick. Ziggler tried escaping via the door. Cena stopped him. Big E tried pulling him out. Cena pulled him back in and went for the STF, but Ziggler applied a sleeper. Cena climbed up the cage and fell backwards, breaking the hold. Cena tried escaping through the door, but Ziggler stopped him. Big E slammed the door on Cena’s head, but Ziggler only got a two count. Cena tried going over the top, but Big E came in with a chair to get Cena back in. Ziggler hit a Zig Zag for two. Ziggler hit a DDT from the top rope for two. A.J. started climbing the cage. Big E came in, but Dolph accidentally hit him with the MITB Briefcase. Cena hit the AA for the win.

Match Analysis: Silly me getting my hopes up with the WWE. This followed the same script as last week. Ziggler hits everything. Cena hits one move and wins. Do they really expect us to take Ziggler seriously after all of this? Ziggler gets one win, but Cena gets two back. That makes no sense at all. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Not The Best Of Concerts

Rock Concert time. Rock sang Heartbreak Hotel, where he called Paul Heyman a Diva and said he hasn’t seen his penis in years. Rock then sang a song to Vickie, where he said she looked ugly and dressed like an ugly hooker. Rock called out C.M. Punk, and said he had something to say to him man to man. Rock said for 421 days, no one could stop Punk. Fact: Paul Heyman has Twinkie Tits. Rock said Punk is not God, and in 13 days, Rock will beat Punk for the Title. Punk charged the ring and the two started brawling. WWE refs and officials pulled them apart as the show closed.

Segment Analysis: Eh, I don’t really know where to go with that. I know Rock is there for some comedy, but I thought that was a little too much for my liking. It didn’t really focus on the Rumble Match until the very end. I liked the pull apart brawl, but the segment in and of itself fell kind of flat for my liking. I want to see more focus on the match then stupid fat and ugly jokes about Paul Heyman and Vickie. Survey Says: 2.5/5


I thought this was another good episode of RAW. I liked a lot of things on the show. Wade Barrett getting a clean win over Randy Orton and 3MB getting the better of Sheamus was good. I liked the opening segment. Seeing the World Title and Alberto del Rio getting the focus of the opening segment was a good thing. The Cena/Ziggler match was good, except for the same terrible ending that we had last week. I thought the Rock was okay. Some people might have liked him more than me, but I just thought it was an average segment at best. And you want more than that from Rock. And the WWE needs to do something with Shield, because their act is kind of growing stale already. I’ll give the show a 6.

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