WWE Monday Night Raw Preview 01.21.2013 – Royal Rumble Week Begins, CM Punk and The Rock Prepare Their Last Pre-Match Salvos, The Miz Sucks at Figure Fours, More

Tonight (Monday 1/21/13), it’s the final episode of Monday Night Raw before the Royal Rumble takes center stage this Sunday. The Rock and CM Punk will undoubtedly do their best to fire off some last words towards each other with the hopes of winning the battle of mind games heading into their WWE Championship match, and hopefully some more Royal Rumble entrants are announced tonight as well. Check out the full Raw preview below:

–Team Rhodes Scholars have one more week to further exploit the tenuous psyches of Team Hell No. Will Sandow and Rhodes be able to capitalize on the instability of Daniel Bryan and Kane’s mental states, or will they fall prey to Hell No’s ability to unite against common enemies?

–The Miz received an endorsement by Ric Flair last week, but I must say his applications of the Figure Four since then have been anything but awesome. Meanwhile, Antonio Cesaro is just incredible to watch in the ring, so let’s hope Cesaro continues to neutralize Miz.

–Alberto Del Rio owned Big Show last week, in every way. How will the Giant get back his mojo?

–Who else will enter the Royal Rumble match this week? JTG? Epico? That dude Camacho? Find out tonight!

–And of course, The Rock and Punk. Here’s looking at you, fellas.

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Source: WWE.com