HUGE Star Trek 2: Into Darkness Movie Spoiler? IDW Prequel Countdown Comic Book Revealing Cliffhanger!

Today, the IDW prequel comic book, leading into the Star Trek 2 film by J.J. Abrams called Star Trek: Into Darkness, hit stores. Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #1 ends with an interesting cliffhanger that reveals someone who may be a major player in the upcoming film. The issue leads to the U.S.S. Enterprise’s current crew led by Captain James T. Kirk landing on a planet and encountering aliens that are equipped with aged Starfleet tech. It turns out that the gear was supplied to them by an unlikely source.

Spoilers follow. You have been warned. πŸ™‚

In previous Star Trek continuity, Captain Robert April was the first captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise as revealed in the Star Trek animated TV series (more here). In fact he oversaw its construction and undertook the Enterprise’s first five year mission. His story was elaborated on quite extensively in Star Trek novels. He was promoted to Commodore and followed by Captain Christopher Pike who helmed the Enterprise for eleven years. Pike in turn was followed by Captain James Tiberius Kirk.

The the new movie continuity, Pike is an Admiral and Kirk is the Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise. This comic book appearance is the first appearance of Robert April in the new movie continuity. The comic book is overseen by those doing the film. So, it is the most canon you get without being in the film or blu-ray.

This comic book cliffhanger follows the teaser for April’s issue #4 which reveals what Klingons look like. They are presumably a foil in the film alongside actor Benedict Cumberbatch’s villanous character John Harrison; interestingly also of Starfleet like April, Kirk and the gang. What is going on in San Francisco?

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