Green Lantern Spoilers: Which Former Lantern Is Tour Guide To The Damned?

Ever since the Green Lantern Annual a few months ago, Hal and Sinestro have been…well, dead. Sucked into Black Hand’s ring in a realm that reeks of death, all rings registering them both as deceased, and there’s not any color there either. Really, it kinda sucks, and it gets maybe a page an issue t0 remind readers that these characters won’t be gone forever, but hey, it happens.

Last issue they met a cloaked figure that knew them both, and this issue the cloak comes down and we see their tour guide to this realm of the damned.

Green Lantern 16-020

Tomar-Re. Classic Green Lantern, friend of Abin Sur’s, ally of Sinestro’s, trainer of Hal Jordan’s. Beloved and revered senior Lantern who met his end during the Crisis. And he brings warnings about the plans of the First Lantern, Volthoom!

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