Young Justice Invasion 5 BIG Developments: Season 2, Episode 12 True Colors with Deathstroke, a Green Beetle & More (DC Nation / Cartoon Network)

Here are the Top 5 Developments from last week’s episode of Cartoon Network’s Young Justice Invasion.

Season 2, Episode 12, “True Colors”

5. Infiltrating Lexcorp… Farms

G. Gordon Godfrey is praising the efforts of the alien Reach working with Lexcorp to end world hunger. Naturally, Young Justice is suspicious and infiltrate the Lexcorp Farms production where these efforts are happening. Seems The Reach is incorporating some kind of additive to what they are brewing at the farm. The team gets a sample of the additive, but needs to get through the Black Beetle to effect their escape.

4. Old Friends with New Friends

Arsenal, the real Roy Harper whose arm seems replaced by a cybernetic prosthetic, joins the team just in time to join that covert mission with Robin, Blue Beetle and Impulse. During the mission, they get an assist from an unlikely ally: the Green Beetle of Mars. Seems that The Reach sent scarabs across the universe to every planet that had primitive life. While the Earth has the Blue Beetle with a damaged scarab that doesn’t allow The Reach to take control, on Mars The Reach didn’t expect the Martians to be so powerful. As such, the Green Beetle is in control of his scarab and not under The Reach’s control; or so he says.

3. What is The Light & The Reach Partnership Cooking?

While the covert team was successful in getting a sample of The Reach additive, they only saw it used in conjunction with crops at Lexcorp Farm. What they didn’t stumble upon was the new fruity Power Drink called “Reach” (ugh) that has the additive in it. The first flavor appears to be Peach. :p Wow. Anyhow, it is being mass-produced for world-wide distribution. It has in it was humanity needs in it, but also what The Reach needs humanity to need. Ooooo. Cryptic.

In addition, Lex Luthor and Vandal Savage, key villanous players of The Light cabal, know of Young Justice’s infiltration and thinks its time for The Light to create a team of their own. It appears they plan to trigger the metahuman abilities of the kids that escaped from The Reach.

2. Enter: Deathstroke!

Sportsmaster, the enforcer of The Light, wants revenge on Aqualad who seemingly killed his daughter Artemis. He isn’t aware that both of them are alive and undercover for Young Justice in Black Manta’s – Aqualad’s father – criminal organization. Anyhow, thinking his daughter dead, he wants to kill Aqualad to which Black Manta and Vandal Savage say “no”, plus Lex Luthor adds that he’s been compensated well for the loss of his daughter. Sportsmaster turns on Black Manta thinking if he can’t have his kid, he’ll off the dad. Before his weapon can make contact with Manta, Deathstroke shoots it out of the air. Deathstroke is now The Light’s new enforcer and Sportsmaster makes his previously planned escape.

1. Aqualad… fishfood?

As the secret of Aqualad’s undercover mission had not been revealed to the whole Young Justice team initially, some were under the same impression as Sportsmaster that he killed their teammate Artemis. As a result, in a previous exchange, Miss Martian mind-wiped him only to learn that under the disguise of the woman next to him was Artemis. Aqualad is catatonic on Black Manta’s submarine. To assist Black Manta heal his son, Vandal Savage has procured Queen Bee’s telepath Psimon to sift through Aqualad’s mind and bring him back. However, since Psimon will be in the Lad’s mind will he learn of Aqualad’s duplicity and also jeopardize an equally undercover Artemis? Hmmm.

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