The Stomping Ground: Royal Rumble Thoughts and An Idea for ‘Mania (Punk, Rock, Cena)

Howdy do, folks! I suppose this is the time where I spew my thoughts about the Royal Rumble, right?

Aw hell, I guess I can throw some originality your way, too. Can’t hurt, right?

The pre-show United States Championship match was inoffensive for a show-opener. Nice to see Cesaro pick up a clean win without having to resort to typical heel tactics.

The World Heavyweight Championship match ended the only way it should have: with del Rio going over Big Show using cheap tactics. In both reality AND kayfabe, there was no way del Rio was going to prevail over a guy the size of Mr. Wight using the same finish twice.

I was not surprised that Team Hell No was put over Rhodes Scholars….again. The heels weren’t even featured prominently the week before the PPV, so did you really expect the trigger to be pulled? Remind me again about that great tag team division we have these days…

As has been done for the past three years, my friends and I bet on the winner of the Royal Rumble through the use of a random lottery; $2 a number. I spent $14 and my best chance at winning was Chris Jericho, a guy I had absolutely NO clue was going to be involved. I also wound up with McIntyre, Slater, Great Khali, Ryder, Orton, and Bryan. I thought for sure that Randy would get the V but the WWE went with Ol’ Predictable, much to my dismay.

I have to agree with Joel Leonard that the use of the People’s Elbow to finish CM Punk was anticlimactic. I mean, here’s a guy who went the distance with John Cena in a fantastic match the last time they fought…and he couldn’t kick out of the People’s Elbow? I’m not bitter about Punk’s loss, as it was obvious that the writing was on the wall, but a better finish was definitely needed.

Now as many of you know, I’m headed to my second Wrestlemania, albeit one closer to home. I’m a little peeved at the prospect of seeing Lesnar vs Triple H 2, and especially bored at the idea of Rock vs Cena 2, considering that a Cena victory is a 99% certainty (remember, Rocky leaves after Wrestlemania). What I’d love to see is a third wheel thrown into the mix….CM Punk.

Think about it: technically, CM Punk holds a pinfall victory over The Rock and, had it not been for the match being restarted, would still be champion. That’s one thing Cena can’t crow about, as he has never defeated The Rock. At Elimination Chamber, let Rock and Punk go all out and end the match in controversial fashion with no clear winner. That will assuredly give Punk a more-than-adequate reason to get ANOTHER shot at the WWE Championship come Wrestlemania.

Bam! Instant Triple Threat! I’m hoping beyond hope that this is the direction the company is headed in, especially with the current concern over whether or not Undertaker will make it to ‘Mania.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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