Death of the Family Spoilers: DC’s WTF Covers Reveal A New Red Hood?

By now anyone reading Batman, or any Bat title, knows that Joker is kidnapping members of the Bat family and holding bloody nasty dinner trays before them with the tease being that something horribly nasty is under them that will change the family forever.

We also know that in April DC is going to be doing big shock reveals for every book using gatefold covers. Like this one for Red Hood and the Outlaws #19.


Now, obviously, the ominous WTF moment DC is looking to reveal is going to be on the other half of that cover, which you’d have to imagine is something DC is trying to keep under wraps. Especially since Red Hood’s time with the Joker during Death of the Family included Mr. J doing something to the inside of Jason’s mask, something that I can only presume is the cause for the ominous future solicitations about Jason suffering horribly.


So what’s the deal? What could Joker possibly be doing to Jason Todd? What lies under the Red Hood? Well, something not for the faint of heart or queasy of stomach, for one thing. Big time spoilers below.


Red Hood was, originally, Joker’s identity. It was what he was before becoming The Joker….and we’ve all seen what Joker currently looks like. Maybe he’s decided that the second Robin needs to accept that he’s far more like Joker than Batman, and has decided to let him match under the hood as well. This then creates the question of, well, is Jason’s face on those serving trays? And how insane is this going to drive the former Robin with anger issues?

Does this make him into Joker’s own little Robin? Or is this going to send Jason on a murderous assault to find and kill Joker? James Tynion and Mico Suayan take over as the new creative team with this issue, and they’ve just secured me as a reader for it.

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Source: Bleeding Cool