Comedy Corner: The Big Bang Theory, Happy Endings, The Office – Week 8 Review

This week:

  • Happy Endings
  • Cougar Town
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • The Office


ELISHA CUTHBERT, ELIZA COUPE, DAMON WAYANS JR., NICK ZANO, CASEY WILSONHappy Endings – “The Marry Pranksters” and “Our Best Friend’s Wedding”

Life doesn’t get any better than two hilarious episodes of Happy Endings in one night. The first episode was Happy Endings at its wacky best. Max revenge-pranking everyone in the group was hilarious, over the top and had a big surprise – Penny getting engaged! I, for one, would like to see Penny actually get married. I think the character is so funny, they don’t need to rely on single-girl antics for laughs any more. In fact, the second episode proved that – watching the whole gang hit up a wedding expo was a-mah-zing, and hit close to home as I just attended a wedding expo this weekend as a bride-to-be.

There were so many amazing moments in both episodes. Max’s surprisingly dark reaction to winning the lottery, the Keyser Soze spoof in which Alex was the true prankster of the group, and anything involving Jane and physical comedy. The second episode did a great job of recalling Dave and Alex’s failed wedding, which is something I usually prefer to forget. But Dave as a total bridezilla and Alex’s insane wishes, like a petting zoo, made it one of the highlights of the episode. And on top of all this, I still picked a few best moments.

Best moment: Max screwing up his own name every time he tries to brag about revenge

Runner up: Max hacked Brad’s Ancestry account and convinced him that he’s a third Williams sister.

Cougar Town – “I Should Have Known It”

“Most of my cul-de-sac fan fiction starts like that.” This is why I love Cougar Town. I enjoyed this episode a lot, which featured everyone at their meddling best. Jules and Laurie tried to figure out if Tom’s hot, new girlfriend was a gold digger, and Ellie tried to help Bobby mature enough to finally woo a woman instead of coddling him like everyone else. Tom takes a lot of abuse from the gang, but they treated him with the same crazy protectiveness of a top tier friend and finally let him inside Jules’ house. And Ellie, though my favorite character, can seem harsh so it was nice have a reminder that she often acts out of love.

Best moment:

Grayson: So Tom has a girlfriend. Does she not like Ellie?

Ellie: What? Why?

Grayson: Just assuming.

Ellie: Fair enough.

The Cooper/Kripke InversionThe Big Bang Theory – “The Cooper/Kripke Inversion”

This episode of The Big Bang Theory I tough to judge, because I liked one storyline much more than another. Sheldon’s material was great. I liked seeing him get knocked down a few notches by discovering that Kripke’s work was better than his own, and that led to a really nice conversation with Penny about whether he’d ever have sex with Amy. However, I didn’t like Howard and Raj’s B plot. It hit the most unlikable notes for those characters, particularly Howard. It made him seem even more like a man-boy than ever before, at a time when I’d prefer to see him and Bernadette maybe get their own house and grow up. It just wasn’t my favorite episode at all. What did you guys think?

Best moment: Penny’s silent reaction before and after telling Sheldon that she was glad he opened up to her.

The Office – “Junior Salesman” and “Vandalism”

After last week’s pretty major episode of The Office, I was excited to get a double-header this week. The first episode wasn’t my favorite. Dwight trying to hire a replacement for Jim was funny enough, but I was bugged by the idea that the boom mic guy is in love with Pam. That continued in the second episode, but I did like “Vandalism” better at first. Pam was on a rampage about her vandalized mural, and Jim and Darryl had an Oscar & Felix thing going on at their Philly apartment. Everything culminated in Brian the boom mic guy intervening when the vandal threatened Pam. He got fired, and left after telling Pam to call him if she ever needs him. No. This is not OK. If there’s any kind of affair, it won’t feel true to the chatacters, so I really hope that’s not where the show is headed.

Best moment: A lot can happen in 12 weeks – a whole season of Homeland!


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