Press Release – Alpha Males Experiment, Formerly Knuckle Draggers, Finds Its Way To DVD Tuesday

Almost 4 years ago I reviewed a film trying to find a distributor called Knuckle Draggers that was shockingly good. Now it’s got a name change, to Alpha Males Experiment, and a release fate of February 12th.


Press release:

Partners In Crime films, an emergent L.A. based production company is proud to announce the DVD and iTunes release of the feature film ALPHA MALES EXPERIMENT on February 12th, 2013. Written and directed by Alex Ranarivelo, produced by Paul J. Alessi, and co-produced by Amie Barsky, Baptiste DeRivel, and Lamese Williams. ALPHA MALES EXPERIMENT takes a humorous but very real look at the state of modern male/female relationships. ALPHA MALES EXPERIMENT is the romantic comedy from a male perspective. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

The story follows Ethan, an all around nice guy who gets dumped because he wasn’t able to provide his fiancée with the plush, stable life her friends were living. Desperate to get her back, he seeks help from his older brother Kyle, a tough talking sexist who seems to have a way with the ladies. Kyle gives Ethan a crash course on women and dating, much to the disgust of some of Ethan’s female friends. Just when it seems Kyle’s misogynistic theories are about to prove themselves to be true, things take an unexpected turn and force Ethan, Kyle and their friends to reassess each of their views on relationships. In the spirit of movies like Jon Favreau’s SWINGERS and Edward Burns’ BROTHERS MCMULLEN, ALPHA MALES EXPERIMENT gives us a unique point of view, a timely message, and a lot of heart. ALPHA MALES EXPERIMENT provokes questions about what modern couples want versus what they need, and how their needs may not have evolved much from those of our caveman ancestors.

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