10 Thoughts on TNA Impact Wrestling! – 2.7.13 (Sting/Bully vs Aces and Eights, Two Championship Matches)

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Welcome to 10 Thoughts on TNA Impact Wrestling! I know, it’s shocking to see me back for two weeks in a row! Alas, here I am and let’s get into it.

1. Strong opening of the show with the exception that Devon is the leader of the Aces and Eights. I don’t mind Devon being a big member of the group, but he doesn’t work well as the leader of this faction. I think I would almost support Ken Anderson as a leader over Devon. Almost. They explained the betrayal as being a result of TNA, the fans, and Hulk Hogan not giving them a chance and the lack of respect. Decent enough explanation.

2. Solid match between RVD, Kenny King, and Zema Ion as they seem to have a lot of chemistry in the ring. RVD wins the match and retains his title and it seems like they are giving RVD a last run as a champion. Or maybe because there isn’t a lot more for RVD to do in TNA. And Kenny King’s shotgun knees are awesome!

3. Jesse comes out to give the crowd a show after Brooke banned him from Tara’s match tonight, but James Storm interrupts the show and challenges him to a show. James defeats him in quick fashion with the Last Call Superkick. Not much to say here except that James needs to move on to bigger fish.

4. It’s so weird to see Austin Aries and Bobby Roode together considering Aries was the one to end the longest TNA World Title run in history that was Roode’s. However, it’s an interesting dynamic to see the two having an argumentative debate about them being better than all of the other champions.

5. Fantastic match between Aries/Roode and Chavo/Hernandez! One of the best of the year so far with only Jericho/Punk from Raw as competition and the false-finish of Roode ‘leaving,’ letting Chavo/Hernandez set-up their tag finish, then returning to get the upper hand was brilliant. It’ll be interesting to see if Roode and Aries will move on to the TNA World Title or X-Division championship now that they’ve won the tag team titles or if they will remain in the tag team division for awhile.

6. As much as I hate Mike Tenay as an announcer, TNA does their announce booth correctly. You have Tazz who plays the arrogant heel commentator that defends everything that the heels do. Tenay does the play-by-play, terribly but at least he’s partial to the faces. Finally, we have a new guy named Todd Keneley who plays middle man although favoring the faces most of the time. Much better than the travesty of Cole and Lawler.

7. Nice win for Miss Tessmacher considering Tara was distracted the entire match looking for her banned boyfriend Jesse.

8. A high-flyer by the name of Rockstar Spud wins the British Boot Camp. It was a weird competition that apparently only had four combatants, but he won and came out for his moment. Before he was able to speak, Robbie E came out with Robbie T to chastise him. Rockstar Spud punches Robbie E in the mouth with no hesitation from Robbie T. Robbie E rolls out of the ring and Robbie E dances with Rockstar Spud. TNA is STILL running the angle where the two Robbies are arguing. This has been going on for over half a year and it really needs to come to ahead considering we all know where it’s going. I guess now that we have Rockstar Spud; we have someone for Robbie T to move on to.

9. Not that bad a match to close the show with Bully Ray and Sting defeating Aces and Eights. Bully and Sting did some nice nostalgia bits from Team 3D’s days including the ‘Get the Tables’ bit and the flying headbutt to groin. Nothing really to note on this match except the face-paint for Bully to match Sting was a nice bit.

10. Overall a pretty great show with the highlight definitely being the TNA Tag Team Championship. I’m liking the direction of TNA at the moment, but then again Jeff Hardy will return soon and thus will go my excitement. I’ll enjoy while I can.

Thanks for reading and feel free to add your thoughts to the comment section below.

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap.

Rhett Davis is a college student striving to become an engineer one day. He enjoys watching men fight over a pigskin, partying it up, and watching oiled up men move each other in unique positions on a mat. He started writing on 1/19/11.