Avengers Arena Spoilers: A Case Of Identity Theft In Murderworld?

With a Hunger Games meets Battle Royale premise, and the fact that they’re in a place called Murderworld, you’d expect that there’d be non-stop death. Hasn’t really happened yet, with just two deaths in the first three issues, and a few characters gone missing. Juston and Darkhawk. This issue turned focus to Nico and Chase of the Runaways, and it did feature some action.

Avengers Arena 004-010

They met up with the Avengers Academy kids, and it didn’t go too well at first, but they got it together and tried to work together. And then Reptil was nearly burned to death, Chase was blamed, and out they go. The two argue, and Nico goes off ahead on her own, but Chase finds something belonging to one of the missing combatants.

Avengers Arena 004-020

The amulet of Darkhawk? Last time we saw the not-a-teen-hero he had it ripped out, depowering him, but now?

Avengers Arena 004-021

Well, Chase just got a serious upgrade. I figure his chances for survival just went up exponentially, as a spoiled jock with fire throwing gauntlets isn’t exactly the powerhouse of the book.

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