TOY FAIR 2013 AWARDS! Best Playset!

Best Playset is next up in the TOY FAIR AWARDS! This is a tough category to judge, since playsets are few and far between. However with the reemergence of TMNT, and last year’s extremely successful Sewer Lair, it seems as if a few others are willing to take that risk. TMNT had a few new ‘Pizza Pop Up’ playsets, where the playsets start out as a pizza box. Mattel officially debuted the Masters of the Universe Classics Castle Grayskull, which has much nostalgic value. However our choice for Best Playset will be a controversial one.

Hasbro announced a new Titan Class for Transformers, designed specifically for Metroplex from the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. This massive Tranformers stands over 2 feet tall in Robot mode! While some might not consider Metroplex a playset, he is a Triple Changer Transformer with ‘base’ & ‘city’ modes, both designed to have other Transformers interact. Metroplex is sure to be a huge hit with all fans, and that is why this Transformer is the Best Playset of Toy Fair 2013!


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