Rabblecast #309 Wrestling To Be Voted Out Of The Olympics?

Earlier in the week, the International Olympic Committee voted to drop the sport of wrestling from the Olympics starting in 2020. The vote has caused quite a commotion amongst those in the amateur/freestyle wrestling community and many people in professional wrestling. Most prominently from the 1996 gold medalist(current TNA star), Kurt Angle, who has vowed to fight to re-instate the sport into the Olympics. TNA wrestling has even issued a press release calling on those in the Impact Wrestling community, WWE, and wrestling organizations worldwide as well as competitive amateur coaches and athletes to have a unified voice to make sure wrestling will be an Olympic sport in 2020.

Can this vote be overturned? Will the different members of the wrestling community come together for a common cause? How will this affect those who one day dream of competing on the world stage and maybe one day becoming a pro wrestling star?


We are, The Rabblecast!


On this week’s show:

  • WWE’s attempt at taking over G4
  • Does WWE’s Elimination Chamber PPV matter?
  • TNA gives more info on “One Night Only” PPV’s
  • The guys get a call from the one and only, Missy Sampson!


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