WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for Monday 02.18.2013 — Elimination Chamber PPV Fallout plus Clearing the Path to WrestleMania 29 (The Rock vs. John Cena, Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger)

Coming off the heels of Elimination Chamber 2013, the two big title matches for WrestleMania 29 are both now (theoretically) set. The Rock will face John Cena for the WWE Championship at MetLife Stadium on Sunday 4/7/13, while Alberto Del Rio will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against “Real American” Jack Swagger.

But before we get to the big dance, there are six episodes each of Monday Night Raw, WWE Main Event and Friday Night SmackDown to get through, the first of which happens tonight. Check out the full Raw preview below:

–The Rock took everything that CM Punk threw at him and despite getting pinned in the middle of the ring for a very long seven seconds (the ref was knocked out at the time), the People’s Champion came out of Elimination Chamber night as the retaining, reigning, defending WWE Champion. Now, The Rock moves onto John Cena…

…but what about Punk?

–For the second time on PPV, The Shield beat up three men and scored a huge win. The common thread on both teams? Ryback. What will Big Hungry say about this loss, and is anyone dumb enough to get in his way tonight?

–Jack Swagger is now back in the World title picture after winning the six-man Chamber match. What will Swagger and Zeb Colter have in store for Alberto Del Rio, and even scarier, what will they say about him?

–Speaking of the Big Gold Belt, does Dolph Ziggler actually have a plan to cash in this century?

All this and more on Raw … tonight!

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Source: WWE.com