Rabblecast #310 Jack Swagger Arrested, New WWE Title Reveal

The returning, Jack Swagger was being positioned for a main event spot to work with the current WWE Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio at Wrestlemania 29 in the Metlife Stadium. In addition to a slight character change, they also gave Swagger a Manager/Mouthpiece in the form of Zeb Coulter(aka Dutch Mantel). Everything was rolling along just fine, especially with his big win at the recent WWE Elimination Chamber2013. The one downside, their politically driven promos were drawing fire from members of the Republican Tea Party. “Controversy creates cash…”, right? Well, it seems as though this whole setup might be a bust before they can even really do much with it. #1 Contender, Jack Swagger was recently pulled over for a DUI and is said to be found in possession of marijuana. What does WWE do from here? Will Swagger be punished or will he skate by with a slap on the wrist?


TNA wrestling is gearing up for the second Pay per view of the year, Lockdown 2013. With only two matches announced so far, many are wondering what the extra TV time to build story lines will bring. Also, with the announcement of the venue, The Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas TNA fans are expecting a huge show. One look at the seating chart for the event tells a different story entirely. Can TNA deliver on what has been promised to be on of their biggest shows of 2013?


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On this week’s episode:

  • Chris Jericho thinks Pro Wrestling should be in the Olympics
  • TNA announces their next “Boot Camp” show
  • Scott Hall joins the “Accountability Crib” with DDP
  • An in studio visit from members of the UWA: Elite


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