Marvel NOW! Spoilers: What Does The Future Hold For The Uncanny Avengers?

With the first arc having come to a wrap, it wasn’t enough for Rick Remender to just tease the next arc, or do one of those big splash pages of random moments to expect to see. Nah, nothing like that. He does an epilogue. I’ll get to that in a minute, actually, before he does that he has Skull show Captain America his dreams for the future.

Uncanny Avengers 004-008

Sexy, right? Days of Future NOW! Havok and Wanda replace Logan and Kitty and the sentinels all wear the Skull’s face.

But like I said, that’s the Skull using telepathy to show Captain America what he sees as the future. Nothing precognitive about it at all, just the delusions of a mad man.

So the epilogue. Three months from now. All sorts of hell unleashed with Sentinels in the air, and Alex, Wanda, and Sunfire (CLASSIC SHIRO!) on the run.

Uncanny Avengers 004-021

Teases of all varieties. Stark’s Nimrod Sentinels. Ahab. A dead Immortus, buried for centuries. The Apocalypse Twins locking the timeline in place. Something with the Red Skull….

Uncanny Avengers 004-022

The brand new Onslaught.

Once the evil identity of Charles Xavier, his powers pushed by all the hate and anger he had stripped from the mind of Magneto. Onslaught was all powerful, and it took a mass sacrifice by the non-mutant heroes of the Marvel Universe to stop him.

So what’s going to happen now that Onslaught is THE RED SKULL?!?!?!

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