WWE Friday Night SmackDown! *SPOILERS* 3.01.13

The following are the Friday Night SmackDown spoilers taped on 2.26.13 for 3.01.13:

1. Alberto del Rio defeated Damien Sandow.

Jim Ross is in the building and will interview Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter later in the evening.

Daniel Bryan and Kane have yet another tag match against the Primetime Players with reversed roles this time: Kane will wear a mask… over his mask and Daniel Bryan will have his arm tied behind his back.

2. Antonio Cesaro beat The Miz in a Best of 3 Falls match with his two falls to Miz’s one. Miz was none too pleased.

JR came out next for the interview and used their Oklahoman roots to talk about recruiting Swagger out of college. Swagger said that OU had no heart to get some heat. Ross asked him why he changed and Zeb gave an anti-immigration promo. They said Alberto wasn’t American and needed to leave. Swagger took a swipe at JR bringing out Alberto. Swagger said JR isn’t American.

3. Daniel Bryan put a goat mask on Kane. Kane had the win before Bryan tagged himself in and cost them the match. Kane took off the mask, realized what it was, and punched Daniel. Primetime Players beat Kane and Daniel Bryan.

4. Sin Cara beat Heath Slater.

Fandango did a promo. Striker said his name wrong and he claimed to not wrestle until Striker could get it right.

5. Randy Orton beat The Big Show by DQ when The Shield jumped him. Big Show, not wanting their help, KO Punched Roman Reigns. Post match, Sheamus ran out and aided Orton by taking out Show.

Dark Match: As soon as Show left, Kane came out and teamed up with Orton and Sheamus to defeat The Shield.

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Source: PWInsider