Fantastic Video Chronicles Of Bully Ray’s Heel Turn

On this past week’s Impact, TNA compiled videos of Bully Ray explaining the entire Aces & Eights storyline and Ray’s heel turn. Not only were these videos terrifically produced but they did something that wrestling doesn’t do in today’s era… they EXPLAINED EVERYTHING! Not only did they explain everything but they showed you visual proof of the little nuances, sleight of hand and long-term booking that went into everything that was paid off at Bully Ray’s heel turn at Lockdown. TNA did exactly what we’ve all been asking for, for the last couple of years and they did it well.


To put this in perspective, WWE had one, long-term, mystery storyline in that last couple of years. This is how they paid it off:

We don’t praise TNA much and the Aces & Eights storyline seemed to be dragging on and on… now we know why and it MADE SENSE! Thank you, TNA (Dave Lagana) for showing the world that long-term booking can still work in today’s wrestling environment.

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Source: Impact Wrestling