Hummingbird Trailer With Jason Statham Fighting The Chinese…Again


The old reliables, the ones we can always count on. Like seeing an advertisement for a comedy starring Kate Hudson and knowing it is going to be bad. Jason Statham isn’t about gimmicks. He doesn’t feel the need to venture outside action thrillers to try more serious roles, or try to prove he’s romantic comedy material (I’m looking at you Gerard Butler!). Because with Jason Statham kicking people in the face and diffusing a highly volatile situation without the need of an RPG, you don’t need much else.

Here is again in a new British thriller called Hummingbird. Written and directed by Steven Knight, the same guy who supplied the scripts for both Dirty Pretty Things and Eastern Promises, Statham plays former soldier Joey Jones now living on the streets of London, trying to forget his past and stay of out trouble.

Escaping a ruthless gang, Joey breaks into the apartment of a wealthy man in Convent Garden and assumes his upper-class identity. Just as Joey is on his way to making amends with his friend and sponsor Sister Cristina, his pregnant girlfriend is found dead in the river. Now, Joey must use his connections in the Chinese mob to find the man responsible, stopping at nothing until justice is served.

Hummingbird marks Steven Knight’s directorial debut and arrives in UK theaters on May 17th. No word on when it will arrive in US cinemas.

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