The Vampire Diaries – Episode 4-16 Review – “Bring It On”

So I was browsing YouTube to rewatch the Caroline/Elena fight (because, well, c’mon….) and I decided to read some of the comments people had left.  Now, I swore off the comments section of IMDB a couple of years ago, at least in the midst of any given television season.  At first, it was because people would maliciously post spoilers right in the subject line and I, for the most part, I avoid spoilers like the plague.  But the other reason is because the comments are almost always unanimously negative.  Sometimes it’s justified, but many times it just dampened my enjoyment of these shows.  And for that matter, with The Vampire Diaries, I don’t read any reviews because I don’t want my opinion to be swayed for my own column.  So these YouTube comments were the first time I really got a consensus of the episode (and in some cases, the season as a whole).


And overall, the comments were negative.  Not necessarily about the season altogether, but this past week’s episode was considered, by some, to be the worst of the season.  And there was A LOT of complaints about Elena’s character.  Hey, if you’ve read my reviews this season, you’ll know that I get that.  I tend to be pretty positive when I enjoy a show, but any time I’ve been critical it’s almost always been directed, in some way, towards Elena.  But to be honest, her behavior now seems a lot more excusable now that she’s turned off her humanity.  Throughout the season, she’s been difficult and irrational and sometimes obnoxious.  And all the while, she’s been presented by the show as being some sort of victim.  Or, at the very least, she’s never been categorized as being “wrong.”  But now that she’s devoid of any sort of humanity, the show is recognizing that her actions aren’t right.  And while her character is now pretty much indistinguishable from Katherine’s (another criticism from the YouTube commenters), it is somewhat refreshing seeing this perennially mopey girl just no longer caring.  Provided this character turn is short lived – and I think it will be – I don’t really have a problem with her being so similar to Katherine.


Actually, I see the purpose of Elena turning into this person, from a writing standpoint.  I assume that the end game for the season is to get her back with Stefan (although I could be wrong), and having Elena lose everything, including her humanity, was the one thing drastic enough to allow Stefan to move past the pain he experienced through their breakup and her consequent relationship with Damon so that he could save her.  And the “easy out” decision Damon made for her to turn off her emotions – as well as the revelation that he may very well prefer this version of her – is the one thing unforgivable enough for Elena to turn away from Damon.


So yeah, I enjoyed that Elena/Caroline fight scene!  For one, after seeing Elena as the constant damsel in distress over the past four years, it was mighty refreshing seeing her legitimately kick ass in a fight she was SUPPOSED to lose.  And in addition that, this fight (as well as the episode as a whole) was an awesome culmination in the tension that had been building between Elena and Caroline all season long.  First she badmouthed Damon, then she blew off Elena’s feelings for him as being an unreal connection due to the sire bond, and then she told Stefan about Elena sleeping with him.  And I just LOVED the look of death Elena gave Caroline when she saw her dancing and having fun with Stefan.


So was it a perfect episode?  No.  And honestly, it MAY have been one of the weaker ones of the season (but perhaps only because we’ve come off of a string of really strong ones).  But I found it fun enough.  Certainly not deserving of so much hate.


And wait, I turned away from the TV for a hot second….did Rebekah FINALLY explain how she miraculously survived the poisoning from the wolf serum?

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