WonderCon 2013: Earth 2 Roster Expands By 5 More Members Including a New Batman, A 2014 Multiverse Crisis Planned & Jack Knight Starman R.I.P.?

WonderCon 2013 was bereft of a lot of “new” news this year. However, at the Spotlight on writer James Robinson a fair amount of Earth 2 tidbits spilled including a multiverse crossover between Earth 2 and the rest of the “main” Prime Earth.

Earth 2 writer James Robinson revealed the following roster tidbits at Wondercon this past weekend according to our friends at Bleeding Cool:

    * Earth 2 will get a Starman , Ted Knight.
    * No Ted Kord in Earth 2 or in the new 52 as far as he knows.
    * Fans will get a Red Arrow in Earth 2, possibly an amputee.
    * Rumblings continue for a Plastic Man series but he’s heard no official word.
    * Wildcat will make his debut after the Doctor Fate arc, Hourman will make an appearance just not soon.
    * Doctor Bedlam and other Fourth World characters will be making their way into the books at some point.

CBR adds Red Arrow will actually be a new character Roy McQueen, that Barda will follow Mister Miracle into Earth 2, and more from James Robinson himself:

    “I’m very lucky they’re allowing me to write Mister Miracle and Barda. The only thing I will say is that there are mainly New Genesis characters on the main prime. On Earth 2, it’s mostly Apokolips villains and Mister Miracle and Barda. … Some of the characters you’re going to be seeing are Bedlam and Kanto.”

    Robinson teased two new villains called Solitaire and Rhapsody. Solitaire is a reinterpreted Gambler and Rhapsody is a reinterpretation of The Fiddler. “There is the opportunity for me to create a lot of new villains, as well,” said Robinson. Ultra Humanite is also on the table for a possible “Earth 2” villain.

    “If I’m talking about a big event that’s happening in 2014, it’s all these characters meeting each other [Earth 2 and Prime Earth heroes]…Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Robinson also… described himself as “the point guy” when it comes to the event, saying that Scott Snyder, Geoff Johns and Dan DiDio are also very involved.

We also have some sad news. No more Shade any time soon and the following about Starman:

    “When you do something because you think you should, but not because you want to, it doesn’t turn out well. There is a Starman on ‘Earth 2,’ though. The new Starman, the new Ted Knight will be an English astronomer with a large nose. But Jack Knight, I think I closed the door on him.”

Lastly, May 2013’s Earth 2 Annual #1 debuts a new Batman for that Earth since the original Bruce Wayne version died years earlier. Writer James Robinson has described to MTV Geek that this Batman is “…a huge part of ‘Earth 2,’ he’s going to be a huge part of the DC Universe, and everything he does from the Annual onward will have huge implications for the DC Universe.”

More thoughts on the New Batman, James Robinson’s musings, Trinity War and more here.

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