Demythify: Justice Leagues Trinity War, Top 5 April 2013 WTF Certified Covers, Earth 2 New Batman & Red Arrow PLUS Requiem For Robin For DC New 52 Supergirl?

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With the DC Comics New 52 entering April 2013 and its month-long WTF Certified initiative – gatefold covers with a job dropping second half – we also see Trinity War taking shape. I had written extensively on the various credible Trinity War scenarios, as seemingly seeded in the New 52 so far, and a few seem to be bubbling to the top of the leaderboard. I’ll walk you through that, a new Batman and Red ARROW, the Top 5 WTF Certified Gatefold Covers revealed so far that are truly “WTF” moment worthy, and much more.

Beware, some SPOILERS may follow. You have been warned. 😉

Trinity War: All About The Justice Leagues?

March’s Justice League Dark #18 seems to have put another piece together for the Trinity War scenario that sees a battle of the Justice Leagues at its forefront.

Justice League Dark #18 finally sees John Constantine say enough is enough and walk from Steve Trevor and ARGUS. In a “you’re with us or against us” type retort from Trevor, Constantine seem hardly worried. This Steve Trevor rebuff follows a similar one from Wonder Woman and the Justice League in that series issue #12. And, we learned from the recent Justice League of America #1 that the whole reason Director Amanda Waller, of Suicide Squad infamy, created the JLA – which includes Steve Trevor – was a countermeasure against the Justice League “in case” they ever go rogue.

We also saw in the cliffhanger to Justice League #16 and in the recent issue #18, that Zatanna seems to apparently leave the Justice League Dark or be a duel member? Zatanna doesn’t seem to complimentary of her JLD crew afterall. We have also seen Black Orchid be revealed as an agent for Steve Trevor earlier in Justice League Dark as well. More roster inter-justice-leagues roster switches coming?

Maybe we’ll have a new Justice League International (JLI) at one point soon too based on the R.B. Silva art and hashtag. Which means we’d have a quad not trinity of Justice Leagues.

All About The Multiverse? Supergirl Requiem & A Growing Earth 2?

Paul Levitz’s Worlds’ Finest has been all-star New 52 series. In issue #6 we saw Damian Wayne / Robin confront his Earth 2 “sister” Helena Wayne / Huntress. It was an interesting confrontation ending with a tender détente. March’s Worlds’ Finest #10 was a Robin Requiem issue with Huntress, for a small part of the issue, mourning the passing of Damian.

Now it is Power Girl’s turn! Starting in April’s WTF Certified issue of Supergirl #19, it looks like PG and the New 52’s Supergirl come to blows. And, in two months in May 2013’s issue #20 Power Girl dons her Earth 2 Supergirl costume to fell or avenge the New 52 Supergirl? Requiem for Supergirl a la Requiem for Robin? Likely not, but I am intrigued by the next few months of Supergirl.

Writer James Robinson, during this weekend’s WonderCon 2013, dished A LOT about Earth 2 happenings coming up. We have a new Batman and Red Arrow among other roster growth, a Crisis of sorts between the Prime Earth heroes and Earth’s Wonders, and more.

May 2013’s Earth 2 Annual #1 debuts a new Batman for that Earth since the original Bruce Wayne version died years earlier. Writer James Robinson has described this New Batman as “…a huge part of ‘Earth 2,’ he’s going to be a huge part of the DC Universe, and everything he does from the Annual onward will have huge implications for the DC Universe.” It is interesting that the character will be important to the broader DC Universe based on the latter part of Robinson’s statement. Maybe culminating in a Trinity War involving the multiverse? Interesting that this new Batman has similarities, visually anyway, to the Flashpoint Batman. Revealing or red herring?

Earth 2 writer James Robinson also revealed that we’ll be seeing an Earth 2 roster growth alongside Batman with Red Arrow (a.k.a. Roy McQueen), Starman (Ted Knight), Wildcat and Hourman. Plus Big Barda joins Mister Miracle as Earth 2 Wonders.

DC also did a multiverse feature recently on their website so I think there’s a method to their madness.

All About Sinners? A Question Series Coming?

With June 2013 sees the debut of two “Trinity of Sin” titled comics with Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1 while Phantom Stranger #9 gets the Trinity of Sin added to it. Could the last member of the Trinity of Sin The Question get a #1 issue in advance of 2013’s Trinity War? Afterall, he does seem to be returning in a WTF covered title this week.

Could Trinity War involve more than one trinity?

WTF Certified April 2013 DC Covers: Top 5 Really WTF New 52

At the time of the writing of this column over Easter weekend, DC has released some, but not all, of the full-versions of their April 2013 shipping WTF Certified “wow” gatefold covers. Here are the truly OMG worthy covers for WTF… so far.

(5) Dial H #11

Wow. Dial H #11 has our everyman dial into the… Flash? Now that is interesting.

(4) Threshold #4

Superman arch-villain Brainiac traps the Hunted on his trophy case of planets in Threshold #4? F-U-N.

(3) Earth 2 #11

Loving, loving, loving writer James Robinson and penciller Nicola Scott’s Earth 2 series. You love the New Gods? Check out Earth 2 #11.

(2) Suicide Squad #12

Writer Adam Glass leaves Suicide Squad with a bang! Big c-c-changes coming starting with the Unknown Solider in Suicide Squad #12.

(1) Talon #7

Pre-New 52 Secret Seven and Batman back-breaker Bane tackles Talon in Talon #7. Now THAT should be cool.

Well, that’s it so far. However, I can’t wait for the color version of Red Hood and the Outlaws #19 to come out because the WTF black and white version is WTF and OMG-worthy, and terrifying.

I also hope you all had a Happy Easter and pleasant Passover.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome. 🙂

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