WWE Monday Night Raw WrestleMania 29 Go Home Show Preview for 04.01.2013 — Will WWE Sell YOU on Their Flagship PPV Event?

Tonight’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw 4/1/13 is the final Raw before WrestleMania 29 airing this Sunday 4/7/13. Will WWE sell YOU on the PPV? What can they do to make you buy it? Sound off in the comments section and check out the full preview below:

–Last week, The Rock one-upped John Cena in the middle of the ring. Will Cena have the last word tonight, or is The Rock going to build on last week’s momentum-builder?

–CM Punk says he’ll be the 1 in 20 and 1, but might he be just another one in 21-0?

–Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are clearly out to end Triple H’s career at WrestleMania. Is The Game over or will Triple H survive to wrestle another day?

–Will The Shield continue to make us all believe? How will they approach Randy Orton and the gang just six days before the biggest show of the year?

–Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger have made things PERSONAL. Is there anything left for them to say?

All that and more on another three-hour and 20-minute Raw … tonight!

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Source: WWE.com