Wrestlemania 29 Gambling Odds

A gambling website I use called 5-dimes puts out money lines for WWE’s PPV matches every month.  The most you can wager, however, is only 50 dollars, so to answer your question: No, Vince McMahon could not bet a million dollars on an outcome that he already knows.  Personally, I would never put a lot of money on something that is premeditated, although I guess it could be fun making small wagers, especially on the ones that do not look particularly exciting to begin with, but in any case I suggest you to check these gambling and betting strategies


WWE Championship: The Rock (+ 1000) (c) vs John Cena( -2000)

That is about as one-sided as one-sided can be. Clearly, they are do everything in their power to make people take the Rock since they believe he has no chance. It could come back to haunt them if people do take the Rock and win. After all, a 50-dollar bet would pay out 500 dollars. I just do not seeing John Cena losing this match, but yet again I did not see him losing last year either.

WHW Championship: Alberto Del Rio (-420) (c) vs. Jack Swagger (+320)

It looks like 5 dimes also agrees that Jack Swagger will be going back to the midcard after this match. Oh wait, I forgot; the WHW championship is the new midcard these days. By the way, it is also the final decision at the end of the broadcast. That means if either were to win and Ziggler cashed in, you would lose. I think Ziggler cashes in to be honest.

Undertaker (-2750) vs CM Punk (+1250):

Yeah, I do not see any way Undertaker loses this match. The way this feud has been booked makes it a foregone conclusion that CM Punk will get his comeuppance, and I don’t believe WWE’s going pass up on a Undertaker vs. John Cena match at Wrestlemania 30.

Sheamus and Orton and Big Show (-1200) vs. The Shield (-2600)

I am surprised to see that this site believes the Shield are that favored in this match. Clearly, they have more faith in WWE than I do. Sure, I think the Shield will win. However, it would not surprise me if the Shield were finally defeated at the grandest stage of them all. Rumor, though, has it that Randy Orton is turning heel soon. This would be a good spot to turn him.

Ryback (-2000) vs Mark Henry (+1000)

I cannot see Mark Henry winning this match at all. I believe WWE wants to give Ryberg a win on PPV.

Tag Team Championship: Team Hell No (c) (-130) vs. Dolph Ziggler and Langston (-110)

Here is your most evenly contest of Wrestlemania 29!   In WWE’s world, the team who gets beat up the week before the match will win. Therefore, I am going with Team Hell No.

Triple H (-900) vs Brock Lesnar (+500)

Apparently, they do not think for split second that Triple H career is going to end. See, this is one of those matches where I might consider throwing 5 or 10 dollars on Lesnar to win either 25 or 50 dollars, because I believe he has a better chance of winning than the website believes.

Chris Jericho (+800) vs Fandango (-1700)

All signs point to Fandango winning

Wade Barrett (+250) vs The Miz (-350)

Miz winning makes sense. I wish you could place a bet whether or not this match will be bumped down to the pre-show.  I will create my own odds: Yes (-150) or No (+120). I am going with yes.

The Funks vs Team Rhodes (-270) and Bella Twins (+190)

The build has been simply outstanding and I just cannot wait for this match. Even though I think it will suffer from lack of time, I think it will be the most balls-to-the-walls, action-packed match of the night with the Funks finding a way to win.


I do not remember a Wrestlemania this one-sided before according to 5dimes.

Anyways, bet carefully.

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