WTF Certified Spoilers: Who’s That Girl In Green Arrow #19? (DC New 52)

Following, our Monday DC New 52 WTF rankings, Tuesday’s reveal of 25 of the 52 WTF Certified gatefold covers, and yesterday’s New Gods WTF Week 1 spoilers, comes more Week 1 WTF spoilery “stuff”. πŸ˜‰

Beware, spoilers follow below for Green Arrow #19. You have been warned.

As we see from the cover, new formidable Green Arrow foil “Komodo” has a history with Oliver that was unknown to him. Apparantly Komodo killed Oliver’s father Emmerson Queen on the mysterious island. The issue is a tough slugfest between the two adult combatants until Komodo’s daughter – looking similar to a pre DC New 52 “character” – pops on to the scene.

As we saw last month in Green Arrow #18, Komodo – whose last name is Lacrox with first name unrevealed thus far – has a daughter named Emiko Lacroix.

Well, in Green Arrow #19, Komodo starts losing in his tough battle with Oliver only to be saved by his daughter. She is garbed as someone that looks familiar to old school DC fans. Her costume and almost-unbelievable archery skills are reminicent of 1980/90’s former love and adversary to Green Arrow: Shado.

Check out the DC New 52 Emiko on the left and old school DC Comics’ Shado on the right.

Who is that girl, really?

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