10 Thoughts on ROH Supercard of Honor VII Live Including the End Results You May Have Missed on the iPPV

1. This was only my second ROH show I’ve seen in person, and the group I was with was on the main floor 4 rows back from the action. It was definitely a hyped up, seemingly typical ROH crowd that was really pumped up for the show.

2. ACH was the first memorable performer of the night. The dude can really get up there and the crowd loved his energy.

3. When Shelton Benjamin came out, my friend Joe — who goes to every ROH show — was hoping that Mike Bennett would take Charlie Haas’ place (Haas retired from wrestling in a drunken ramble last week). Bennett came out with Maria and had one of the early lines of the night, saying that Crew member Cheeseburger looks like Shelton melted in the sun. Benjamin and Bennett then fought and Maria looked absolutely gorgeous in person.

4. Jay Lethal and Michael Elgin had the match of the night in my opinion. They were on fire from start to finish and the closing sequence was just incredible. In fact, this just might be the best in-ring match of the entire weekend of wrestling.

5. I didn’t know too much about SCUM going into the show, but Steve Corino plays a great prick mouthpiece for the group.

6. After the intermission, I thought the Roderick Strong vs. Machine Gun Anderson match was a little slow to reel me in. I never really felt fully engaged in the match and it seemed like it lagged. Plus Anderson’s finisher is the RKO / Ace Crusher / Diamond Cutter so that kind of muted my excitement on the finish.

7. Steve Corino gave a taste of his ability to draw heat earlier in the night, but man, when you pair him with ROH super villain and SCUM member Matt Hardy, you really get a chance to see that hostile ROH crowd at full force. Corino’s promo was just gold, and he winds up calling Hardy the “Jesus Christ of professional wrestling” and reassures Matt that his 800,000 Twitter followers are more important than “these people.”

8. As for the Triple Threat TV title elimination match, Adam Cole and Matt Taven and Hardy played off each other well, with Taven retaining the title by pinning Cole shortly after Cole eliminated Hardy to a huge pop.

9. I must say, I forgot how good tag team title matches can be when you have two legitimate teams in two clearly defined roles fighting over championship belts that mean something to them and the fans, framed by a 45-minute time limit instead of being reduced to 10-minute filler. The American Wolves and ReDRagon just tore the house down, with Richards and Edwards more over than anyone else all night (except for maybe Lethal and Elgin). I also loved the fact that after all this action unfolded, the finish was a roll up pin by O’Reilly over Richards that was anything but lazy booking.

10. For those of you who missed the end of the main event title match due to iPPV stream issues, here’s what went down:

After the ROH guys came to surround the ring, SCUM rushed out again from the back. The ROH guys then all rushed to the entrance ramp, enabling Matt Hardy to sneak into the ring from the other side. Hardy was going for the Twist of Fate on Briscoe when Steen himself kicked Hardy and threw him out of the ring, finally rejecting SCUM.

Briscoe then nailed his finisher a second time, got the pin and the crowd went NUTS. The entire Briscoe clan then came out to celebrate, wives and kids and all, and then Steen grabbed the mic and teased saying something, then just shook Briscoe’s hand as the crowd chanted “You Deserve It” to Briscoe and “Thank You Steen” to Kevin.

Briscoe then got on the mic and asked to play the old Lynyrd Skynyrd music which aired to end the show as the Briscoes celebrated.

11. Overall, this was an awesome show that lived up to its billing as a true supercard, and you just can’t best the value of being in the 4th row from the action for just 40 bucks. I feel like I saw the best match of the entire weekend in Lethal vs. Elgin, and I highly recommend the ROH experience to any wrestling fan who hasn’t had the chance to go yet.

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