Comedy Corner: Community, Modern Family, The Office, Parks and Recreation, The Big Bang Theory, New Girl, The Mindy Project – Week 23 Reviews

funny fridayThis week:

  • The Mindy Project
  • Modern Family
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Community
  • Parks and Recreation
  • The Office
  • New Girl

The Mindy Project – “My Cool Christian Boyfriend”
I really liked this episode. Mindy’s romance with a hot, hip minister brought out some of her funniest traits, and even Morgan made me laugh this week. Yeah, the episode was wacky and the prison riot was over-the-top. But I still thought it was hilarious. I like jokes, and Mindy just has a lot of moments that make me laugh.
Best moment: “women’s prison you guys? Come on, if I wanted to get shanked, I’d just shave my legs drunk again.”
Runner up: Danny’s jokes about becoming more Catholic.

Modern Family – “The Future Dunphys”
I’ve got to say, I really liked this episode. It was a little darker than the show usually goes, with Claire’s heart issue. Meanwhile, Lily announcing that she’s gay threw Gloria, Mitch and Cam into a hilarious, uncomfortable panic. She’s only four! Usually I hate Lily storylines, but I liked this, how it tied into Lily’s Vietnamese heritage, and her parents’ lack of knowledge about her culture. I loved the Jay and Manny storyline as well. Manny’s quest to get into a fancy prep school not only played into Jay’s old childhood insecurities, but Manny’s privileged, white upbringing.
Best moment: The entire restaurant scene was my favorite.
Runner up: “You might want to wheel her past the burn unit, she just got scorched.”

The Big Bang Theory – “The Tenure Turbulence”
This episode felt kind of slow to me – all that and we didn’t find out who got tenure? Only that Sheldon, Raj and Leonard all made the short list? The race jokes didn’t work for me, and Raj as a spoiled rich kid rubbed me the wrong way. The funniest moments were Leonard on the elliptical because, of course and Penny and Amy getting involved in the competition.
Best moment: “Did she do it yet?”

Community – “Herstory of Dance”
This season of Community has felt like the writers have been reaching into a hat filled with episode ideas they pulled off of Reddit. Jeff dealing with his daddy issues, Pierce being weird, Britta being a feminist, etc. This episode was OK, and kind of sweet. But my issue with this season of Community remains that it has yet to make me laugh.

Parks and Recreation – “Partridge”
This wasn’t the funniest episode of Parks, but it was insanely sweet. As a big fan of Ben and Leslie, I loved seeing her stick up for him at his mean home town. Meanwhile, Councilman Jamm’s lawsuit against Ron provided enough laughs, as did Ann and Chris’s concern about their compatibility as parents – even though the latter storyline feels a little rough around the edges.
Best moment: Skim milk is water that’s lying about being milk. Couldn’t agree more!

The Office – “Promos”
The documentary is airing on a local Scranton PBS channel, which I thought felt very appropriate for the show. And the gang just realized that there were times they didn’t know the crew were filming – like Angela’s 3pm sex romps with Dwight. I liked seeing everyone panic, but I didn’t love that it tied back into Brian the boom mic guy. The other two storylines – Jim’s work and Dwight’s girlfriend – didn’t hold my attention at all.

New Girl – “First Date”
Guys! The return of Nick’s old, Asian, man friend! I adored that conversation. “Settle down!” “Of course you would, you dirty dog!” I really like how New Girl has handled the Nick and Jess romance, and their awkward, drunk first date was hilarious.
Best moment: “If he even looks at my pomade caddy, I will turn every homeless person in this city against him! I will poison every pie on every windowsill!”

The Mindy Project – “Pretty Man”
This episode of Mindy was better than Tuesday’s, and I liked both. But the combination of Mindy accidentally almost hooking up with a prostitute and Danny accidentally throwing a huge party was killer. The party was also a great reason for the storylines to merge – a positive, since I think some episodes have suffered from weak B or C plots.
Best moment: “I’m not paying ten bucks to check a five dollar coat.”
Runner up: “I believe there was a human bone in your hallway.”

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